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About Doug Madory

Doug Madory is the director of internet analysis for Kentik where he works on internet infrastructure analysis. The Washington Post dubbed him “The Man who can see the Internet” for his reputation in identifying significant developments in the global layout of the internet. Doug is regularly quoted by major news outlets about developments ranging from national blackouts to BGP hijacks to the activation of submarine cables. Prior to Kentik, he was the lead analyst for Oracle’s internet intelligence team (formerly Dyn Research and Renesys).

Twitter: @DougMadory

Dual Subsea Cable Cuts Disrupt African Internet

August 17, 2023

On Sunday, August 6, an undersea landslide in one of the world’s longest submarine canyons knocked out two of the most important submarine cables serving the African internet. The loss of these cables knocked out international internet bandwidth along the west coast of Africa. In this blog post, we review some history of the impact of undersea landslides on submarine cables and use some of Kentik’s unique data sets to explore the impacts of these cable breaks.

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