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Kentik Detect is the big data platform that's purpose-built to turn network data — NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, BGP, and performance metrics — into valuable real-time intelligence for digital operations. Unbounded ad-hoc analytics and anomaly detection help you improve operations, optimize capacity, resolve anomalies, automate DDoS defense, and protect your applications and service performance.

Why Kentik?


By operators, for operators

We’ve been running networks for decades. Kentik Detect is the service we wanted, but couldn’t find. So we built it.

Big Data Network

Network data is big data

Only Kentik Detect’s clustered, multi-tenant architecture lets you answer any ad-hoc network traffic or performance question, with complete details, at scale.

Saas Solution

SaaS solution, powerful portal

Kentik Detect is a SaaS that’s lightning fast, easy to set up, and exceptionally cost-effective. Trade legacy headaches for unsurpassed visibility in a powerful, intuitive portal.

Open Integration

Open integration, no silos

Kentik Detect lets all of your teams access unified NetFlow, BGP, GeoIP, and SNMP data via API, SQL, or intuitive web portal.

Kentik recognized as a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Availability and Performance

Gartner Cool Vendor

Kentik is able to provide a unified view into network usage and performance, built on top of a Kentik-innovated, highly scalable big data platform.

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IDC Names Kentik an Innovator for Cloud-Based Network Monitoring

IDC Innovator

Kentik is a cloud-based network visibility and analytics solution that provides a panoramic view of any network.

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Kentik is a Forrester Breakout Vendor for Virtual Network Infrastructure

Forrester Breakout Vendor

Most monitoring implementations are limited and confined to certain networking segments, such as data center or WAN. Kentik provides a network-wide, simple, and easy-to-use monitoring platform.

Latest News

RouterFreak’s Review of Kentik DDoS Protection

RouterFreak | March 21, 2017 — DDoS threat is real and out there, so it has to be taken seriously into account. Many tools are trying to solve the problem. Kentik has a powerful alerting feature that can help engineers in automating the detection and mitigation of an attack.

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Latest Blog

Why Large Enterprises Need Modern DDoS Defense

Today’s increased reliance on cloud and distributed application architectures means that denial of just a single critical dependency can shut down Web availability and revenue. In this post we look at what that means for large, complex enterprises. Do legacy tools protect sufficiently against new and different vulnerabilities? If not, what constitutes a modern approach to DDoS protection, and why is it so crucial to business resilience?

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Top Datacenter Use Cases for Kentik Detect

As application and service components become increasingly distributed, east-west data center traffic is less predictable and bottlenecks are more common. Kentik Detect delivers deep, big data-powered visibility, offering multiple ways for infrastructure and network
operations teams to gain valuable insight.

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