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Kentik Detect is the big data platform for digital operations, purpose-built for turning network data like NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, BGP and GeoIP into valuable intelligence. With unbounded ad-hoc analytics, Kentik Detect helps you improve operations, optimize capacity, resolve anomalies, detect DDoS, and protect your applications and services.

Why Kentik?

By operators, for operators

We’ve been running networks for decades. Kentik Detect is the service we wanted, but couldn’t find. So we built it.

Network data is big data

Only Kentik Detect’s clustered, multi-tenant architecture lets you answer any ad-hoc network traffic or performance question, with complete details, at scale.

SaaS solution

Easy to set up, easy to use, and exceptionally cost-effective. Kentik Detect gives you visibility without the headaches and the high TCO of legacy solutions.

Open integration, no silos

Kentik Detect lets all of your teams access unified NetFlow, BGP, GeoIP, and SNMP data via API, SQL, or intuitive web portal.

Kentik recognized as a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Availability and Performance

Kentik is able to provide a unified view into network usage and performance, built on top of a Kentik-innovated, highly scalable big data platform.

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Latest News

Network Performance Monitoring for Digital Operations

APMdigest | September 22, 2016 — Network performance monitoring (NPM) is evolving from its focus on traditional notions like centralized data centers, running monolithic applications, and serving internal-only users within a private WAN. Modern NPM addresses the digital operations realities of distributed application components, hybrid cloud and Internet audiences.

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Latest Blog

Save the NetFlow!

There’s a horrible tragedy taking place every day wherever legacy visibility systems are deployed: the needless slaughter of innocent NetFlow data records. NetFlow is cruelly disposed of, and the details it can reveal are blithely ignored in favor of shallow summaries. Kentik VP of Marketing Alex Henthorn-Iwane reports on this pressing issue and explains what each of us can do to help Save the NetFlow.

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Kentik Detect Brochure

Kentik Detect is the industry’s first purpose-built Big Data solution for network traffic and performance analysis. Architected for the true breadth and volume of today’s traffic, Kentik Detect unlocks the value of network data by ingesting in real-time, correlating multiple data types, and retaining raw data for deep analytical drill-down.

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