Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Network Pros: Meet Your Secret Weapon

Kentik is network observability

Together at Last

Network traffic, routing, synthetic testing, and cloud. Now that’s smart.

Network Conversations

“As soon as you turn it on, you see how different Kentik is from any other solution.”

“Kentik gives us the network intelligence we need to deliver a great experience for our customers.”

“The combination of synthetic monitoring and real-time traffic analytics is extremely valuable.”

The Kentik Network Observability Cloud:
Plan, Run, and Fix Any Network

Digital Business
Corporate IT
Service Provider
Manage Digital Experience
Monitor customer experience for clouds, SaaS, APIs, CDNs, and DNS. We suggest and auto-configure performance tests based on actual traffic.
Troubleshoot Any Network
Optimize Clouds
Protect Against DDoS
Manage Edge

We’ve Got Big-time Scale

We see45K+networks
of records/day
We collect data from140+

The World’s Most Valuable Enterprises Rely on Kentik

Only with Kentik

See All Networks
See network data from the data center, edge, cloud, and internet. Wherever your traffic goes, we’ll suss it out.
Collect All Telemetry
Gather network, cloud, host, and container flow, internet routing, performance tests, and network metrics.
Query with Context
Enrich network data with information about infrastructure, apps, users, customers, geo, policies, routing, and more.
Get Insights
Get AI-driven insights. Seeing degrading performance, possible attacks, or traffic changes early can really save you.
Ask Anything
Ask any question, any which-a-way. Query, filter, drill, zoom, whatever. We’ll get you the answer, wicked fast.
Take Action
Make Kentik your go-to before you take action, whether to plan, run, or fix your network.
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