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Kentik Detect is a big data-based SaaS that turns network data into valuable intelligence. With unbounded ad-hoc analytics, Kentik Detect helps you improve operations, optimize capacity, resolve anomalies, detect DDoS, and protect your applications and services.

Why Kentik?

By operators, for operators

We’ve been running networks for decades. Kentik Detect is the service we wanted, but couldn’t find. So we built it.

Network data is big data

Only Kentik Detect’s clustered, multi-tenant architecture delivers ad-hoc network data analysis at scale.

SaaS solution

Easy to set up, easy to use, and exceptionally cost-effective. Kentik Detect gives you visibility without the headaches.

Open integration, no silos

Kentik Detect lets all of your teams access unified NetFlow, BGP, GeoIP, and SNMP data via API, SQL, or intuitive web portal.

Kentik recognized as a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor in Availability and Performance

Kentik is able to provide a unified view into network usage and performance, built on top of a Kentik-innovated, highly scalable big data platform.

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Latest News

Kentik Introduces Post-Hadoop Network Traffic Analytics

Kentik, the network traffic intelligence company, today announced the release of significant enhancements to Kentik Detect, its big data network analytics solution. New features include multi-dimensional traffic analytics, enabling access to billions of possible analyses operating on trillions of instantly accessible data records, new traffic flow visualizations, and support for network performance metrics.

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Latest Blog

BGP Routing Tutorial Series, Part 2

BGP is the protocol used to route traffic across the interconnected Autonomous Systems (AS) that make up the Internet, making effective BGP configuration an important part of controlling your network’s destiny. In this post we build on the basics covered in Part 1, covering additional concepts, looking at when the use of BGP is called for, and digging deeper into how BGP can help — or, if misconfigured, hinder — the efficient delivery of traffic to its destination.

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Latest Resource

Brief: Top Kentik Detect Use Cases

What can you do with Kentik Detect? This brief covers the top use cases for Kentik’s unique post-Hadoop approach to Big Data network traffic visibility and analytics. Learn how Kentik Detect provides unsurpassed network intelligence in areas including performance, planning, peering, and security, enabling network operations and engineering to see more, respond faster, and work smarter.

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