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We create infrastructure visibility solutions for the world’s biggest brands. Leading companies trust Kentik to provide scalable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable solutions that perform.

Powering Network Traffic Intelligence for Leading Companies


More Customer Testimonials

Limelight Networks

“Instead of trying to count bits, Kentik’s menu-driven, intuitive UI allows us to quickly visualize traffic flows that inform engineering decisions. Where it previously took us over an hour to gather the required data, we’ve now been able to shorten that workflow to about 15 minutes with help from Kentik.”


“Prior to deploying Kentik, we had very little visibility into our traffic flows. Any analysis was extremely painful, manually laborious, and time intensive. Kentik has made all of these much easier and quicker.”

“Kentik has given us the insight and visibility that we haven’t been able to achieve through other network performance monitoring products or open source tools.”


“Kentik Detect is easy to use, making it a great resource for several groups within our organization. The platform is also engineered by a knowledgeable team with deep industry experience who continuously roll out valuable new features to help ISPs like us turn network data into business intelligence.”

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