Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Plans and Pricing

Kentik is the complete infrastructure visibility solution for any type of network—cloud-native, on-premises or hybrid—available in 3 editions.

Kentik Pro™

Proactively manage network events. Automate service assurance, network defense and planning.

Kentik Premier™

Deliver profitable, performant network services. Protect customers and infrastructure with our carrier‑grade solution.

Kentik On-Prem™

Full Kentik functionality, delivered as a highly secure, single-tenant platform with local data residency.

Compare Editions

Kentik Pro™Kentik Premier™Kentik On-Prem™
Visualize traffic from cloud or on-prem infrastructure
Instantly drill down on network traffic & events
Enrich data with custom tags & labels
Customize views & dashboards for each user
Unlimited users
Analyze BGP paths
Search & export raw flows
Machine learning-based traffic anomaly detection
Analyze network capacity & interconnection
Report scheduling & export
Single Sign-On & two-factor authentication
RTBH DDoS mitigation
Flowspec DDoS mitigation
Analyze flow data from public clouds including AWS, GCP, Azure
Unlimited cloud connection data sources (pricing varies)
Unlimited device data sources (pricing varies)
CDN & OTT analytics
Self-service customer analytics (My Kentik Portal)
Threat detection & analytics
DDoS mitigation platform integration
Multi-tenant SaaS
Dedicated on-premises Kentik platform
Fully managed hardware, software & upgrades
Data Retention: Full granularity data
45 days
45 days
Data Retention: Long-term trending data
120 days
120 days
API requests50/hour100/hourCustomizable
Security & Data Privacy
All customer data encrypted at rest to FIPS 140-2 standards
Multiple encrypted data delivery options
Designed to NIST 800-53 framework for Information security & data privacy
Secure, cloud-based data storage
Dedicated, single-tenant Kentik platform
Local data residency
Email support M-F, 8am - 8pm ET
24/7 emergency/critical support via email or phone
On-site training available
Pricing modelKentik Pro pricing is based on a platform fee, number of monitored devices, and cloud data volume.Kentik Premier pricing is based on a platform fee, number of monitored devices, and cloud data volume.Kentik On-Prem pricing is based on a platform subscription fee, data source licenses, and hardware modules.

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Contact us for a quote or

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