Kentik - Network Observability

Optimize Peering and Transit

The most advanced peering tool in the world is also the easiest to use.


Optimizing peering and transit with Kentik: Sankey diagram showing network paths
Instant answers

Build data-driven peering strategies in minutes.

Peering automation

Replace manual processes with automated workflows, alerting, and insights.

Outsized ROI

Save millions in annual traffic costs.

Reduce connectivity costs

  • Find potential peering targets and understand the impact to new and existing connectivity.
  • Evaluate peering partners, see traffic ratios, and build data-backed cases for interconnection to reduce transit costs.
  • Manage all connectivity costs and understand drivers of network spend.
  • Consolidate invoices and instrument contract negotiation.

Learn more in the Peering Coordinators’ Handbook.

Reduce Connectivity Costs with Kentik: Discover network peers interface

Improve network performance

  • Master your digital supply chain and track drivers behind traffic growth by CDN, OTT apps, and services.
  • See OTT service growth trends, proactively detect new services, and optimize interconnections.
  • Drill into performance analysis from transit, IX, and private peering per subscriber.
  • Find and fix CDN traffic origin misconfigurations.
OTT over-the-top service tracking showing top providers in Kentik

Uncover global AS relationships and insights

  • Identify providers, peers, and customers for any AS in any geography.
  • Access integrated PeeringDB data to see peering policies and contact information, traffic ratios, and common footprint.
  • Support IP transit sales prospecting and peering requests.
  • Get custom alerts on competitors, markets, and insights you care about.
Optimize Peering and Transit with integrated PeeringDB info for peering policies

“The integration of the PeeringDB dataset is a game changer for peering optimization. Now I have all the information I need to evaluate peering decisions in the one service.”

Brad Raymo Vice President of Network Strategy, StackPath
Evaluating Traffic at IXes and Data Centers with PeeringDB Filters
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