Kentik - Network Observability

Plan Network Capacity with Confidence at Scale

Plan ahead. Avoid traffic jams. Optimize resources.


Network Capacity Planning tools in Kentik
Never guess again

Instantly understand link capacity, utilization, and performance.

See your entire network

Complete hybrid cloud visibility from data center to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and OCI.

Instant alerts

Custom thresholds and automated notifications enable action before links overload and cause downtime.

Plan complex networks faster

  • Get a clear and immediate picture of current traffic volumes and capacity status of your network interfaces.
  • Learn which endpoints are consuming more bandwidth than they should be.
  • Create automatically generated traffic baselines so you can spot anomalous traffic and bandwidth hogs.
Plan complex networks faster: Exploring network backbone interfaces in Kentik

Reduce network costs

  • Right-size your WAN connections.
  • Prevent traffic congestion due to underprovisioning and overutilization.
  • Explore trend data to keep tabs on how actual network and interface utilization is tracking.
  • Figure out what applications are actually using up available bandwidth.
Reduce Network Costs with Kentik: Traffic planning and projections

Predict the future

  • Eliminate surprises with daily forecasting, automatic runout projections, and cost forecasts.
  • Meet future demands with one platform for capacity planning, flow analysis, and connectivity costs to meet future demands.
  • Forecast future network resource requirements based on historical data and trends.
Understanding Network Connectivity Costs in Kentik

“Given the sheer scale and complexity of our network, planning used to take days.
With Kentik, we get the data we need in seconds.”

Toru Maruta General Manager, IP Network Department, KDDI
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