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Google Cloud Observability

Cloud shouldn’t be a black box. Get the right answer in seconds.


Fix and deliver apps in Google Cloud

  • Troubleshoot applications in Google Cloud.
  • Analyze traffic across regions and Dedicated Interconnect, from public cloud to and from your data center.
  • Decide faster with dynamic visualizations of hybrid connectivity.
GCP Observability: GCP Traffic Trends report in Kentik

Ensure smooth migrations

  • Plan migrations with a clear view of baseline traffic and dependencies.
  • Make data-driven decisions on capacity, geo-location, and policy before, during, and after migration.
Google Cloud Observability: Ensure smooth GCP migrations with Kentik

Optimize cloud network costs

  • Identify consumption patterns, attribute cloud costs to business units, and benchmark performance versus cost.
  • Reduce spend by optimizing private and inter-regional routing.
Google Cloud Observability: Control GCP costs with Kentik

Improve application performance

  • Test performance and analyze QoS in Google Cloud, private cloud, and across service meshes.
  • Optimize paths to isolate top consumers and protect business-critical traffic.
Google Cloud Observability: Monitoring GCP availability in Kentik

Harden zero-trust cloud policy

  • See cloud security policy in action.
  • Find gaps in network security groups to restrict access to required ports and actors.
  • Refine cloud policies as needed, quickly and easily.
GCP Observability: Google Cloud route table inspection in Kentik
Announcing Kentik Map for Google Cloud

Google Cloud Observability FAQs

What is Google Cloud Observability?

Google Cloud Observability helps you to understand the behavior, health, and performance of your applications running in GCI.

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