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Bring Your Cloud Bill Down to Earth

Spend only where it matters — and nowhere else.


Reduce Cloud Spend with the Kentik Cloud Insights Dashboard
Automation and AI

Automatically analyze cost attribution and usage to quickly right-size hybrid cloud capacity and failover.

Deep business context

Understand how traffic across public and private clouds impacts your bottom line.

Cost vs. performance insights

Optimize ROI with real-time analysis of the performance and cost of critical workloads.

Automatically attribute cloud costs to business units

  • Effortlessly link connectivity costs to cloud accounts, subscriptions, applications, and tags with enriched traffic data.
  • Visualize consumption patterns and top consumers with custom dashboards.
  • Use dynamic topology maps to scalably track and attribute hybrid cloud resources as they evolve.
Cloud Cost Avoidance in Kentik

Understand and optimize cloud migration costs

  • Drive fast, cost-effective migrations with understanding of baseline traffic and dependencies.
  • Make economical decisions on capacity, latency, and geo-location as you invest in cloud infrastructure.
  • Optimize hybrid cloud interconnect capacity using real-time and historical traffic analysis.
Optimize Cloud Migration Costs

Trim your margins, meet your SLAs

  • Monitor, test, and optimize performance of interconnect traffic between cloud and data center.
  • Tune capacity and redundancy in response to demand as workloads and traffic patterns change.
  • Engineer cloud and hybrid networks to protect critical traffic and isolate bandwidth hogs.
Optimize Cloud Interconnects and Capacity to Balance Performance and Cloud Costs

Eliminate unnecessary spend

  • Use cloud-native metrics to evaluate and consolidate network infrastructure like gateways, firewalls, and load balancers.
  • Quickly assess network design to improve cost efficiency with detailed metrics and automatic analysis.
  • Identify and fix network design issues to boost cost efficiency.
Blog Post
Fix Network Design Issues to Reduce Cloud Costs

“Kentik has improved our costing automation for monthly expense forecasts.”

Adam Howsley IT Manager, Twitch
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