Kentik - Network Observability

Stop DDoS Attacks Before They Happen

From botnets to threat-feeds, detect, remediate, and prevent DDoS attacks.


DDoS defense dashboard showing attack activity
Early detection

ML-based traffic profiling significantly reduces response time.

Automate attack mitigation

Quickly respond to attacks with automated DDoS mitigations.

Prevent future attacks

Understand attack vectors and patterns to stop future attacks.

Powerful DDoS detection

  • Quickly detect threats using AI-driven insights for different attack profiles.
  • Identify malicious botnet traffic or communication with embargoed countries.
  • Integrate and enrich data with threat intelligence feeds.
  • Built for complex networks.
Powerful DDoS detection

Stop bad actors in their tracks

  • Kick off automated mitigation with easy out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Divert traffic using RTBH.
  • Trigger Flowspec to filter, redirect, or rate limit traffic.
Stop bad actors in their tracks

Harden your security posture

  • Understand any attack using customer-enriched forensic network data.
  • Analyze traffic using guided data exploration to uncover attack vectors.
  • Export data to any SIEM seamlessly.
Harden your security posture

Confidently detect real attacks

  • Know where the traffic is coming from when analyzing spikes.
  • Analyze the traffic types to better assess threats.
  • Quickly determine if an attack is happening.
Confidently detect real attacks

Protect against botnets

  • Detect connections to known botnet command and control hosts on the internet.
  • Analyze botnet traffic characteristics and trends over time.
  • Alert on significant changes in threat traffic volume, routes and source geo-locations.
Protect against botnets

“In a DDoS attack you want to look at traffic volumes, but with Kentik we also can look at source IPs, AS numbers, and other metrics to see if it’s a distributed attack. This is so easy to do in Kentik.”

Jurriën Rasing Group Product Manager for Platform Engineering,
How to Perform a Forensic Analysis After a Security Breach
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