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Case Study has no reservations about the value of Kentik uses the Kentik Network Observability Cloud to understand all aspects of its networks to ensure reliability and achieve optimal performance.


Network Observability for Dummies

It’s for smart people, too! Your definitive guide for a healthy, secure, high-performance network.

Solution Brief

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM)

Kentik continues to move up the stack to give customers full visibility of any issues that may impact users’ experience. You can now perform page load tests and synthetic transaction monitoring in Kentik Synthetics.


How to optimize your peering and infrastructure investments

Now that your peering connections are built, what can you do to optimize them? We’ll explore how Kentik can help you organize traffic patterns to get the most out of your network.


Synthetic testing: Solve slow web applications with the Kentik Synthetics Page Load test

Learn how to use Kentik Synthetics to solve web application performance issues.


Debug faster! Measure web page and network performance together

See Kentik’s new page load and transaction testing capabilities alongside existing network layer performance measurements.


How to prepare for a peering partner business review

A critical milestone in any peering relationship is the business review, and when it comes to business reviews, it’s all about preparation. Learn how Kentik can help you get ready to ace business reviews with peering partners.


Network metrics that matter

The service-provider market has evolved from selling as much capacity as possible and hoping customers use none of it, to prioritizing quality of experience. Find out the metrics that service providers should focus on to improve their QoE and MTTR to deliver great customer experiences.

Case Study

New Relic boosts network performance and digital experience with Kentik

New Relic uses Kentik Synthetics to maintain network performance and give its customers a reliable digital experience.


10 steps IT should take to modernize network monitoring

Monitoring the network to stay ahead of problems is getting harder. The siloed device-centric hardware of the past does not work. Join to learn ten ways to move from legacy monitoring to network observability.

Solution Brief

Digital Experience Monitoring powered by Kentik Synthetics

Monitor — frequently and autonomously — essential infrastructure, applications and services with Kentik Synthetics. It’s the only synthetic network monitoring solution to combine autonomous testing, integrated network traffic analysis, intelligent alerting, and simple, affordable pricing.


How to monitor Kubernetes using synthetic testing

Learn how integrating Kentik Synthetics with your Kubernetes deployment enables you to proactively monitor without sacrificing reliability.


10 steps to modernize network monitoring

Your outdated network monitoring tools don’t cut it. You already know that. But what can you do for your corporate network to keep pace? Learn how network observability can help.


The value of performance mesh testing for ISPs, CDNs, telcos and cloud service providers

Learn how to use synthetic tests to present your customers with a dynamic report through a public web page, linkshare or a customer branded portal.

Solution Brief

Performance monitoring for service providers: A quick-start guide

This guide explains how to use proactive synthetic agent monitoring as an easy on-ramp to network observability — without the need to export flow and device metrics.


What is digital experience monitoring? A guide for ISPs, telcos and service providers

The experience you deliver for your customers is everything — whether it’s the performance of your network or your timely and knowledgeable communication. This guide gives you what you need to deliver on both.


Why you should monitor BGP and where to start

BGP isn’t just for ISPs and hosting providers anymore. As we saw with Facebook’s historic outage, it’s now a necessity for digital enterprises to proactively monitor BGP. Join the webinar to see our new BGP monitoring capabilities.

Case Study

Kentik delivers valuable network insights to fast-growing Bangladeshi communications provider SComm

For telcos, network connectivity and customer experience is everything. That’s why SComm turns to Kentik for network observability.


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network monitoring and visibility topics such as flow-based traffic analytics (NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX), network performance monitoring (NPM), BGP peering, big data, and SaaS.

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