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Network and Infrastructure Engineers: Here’s How to Up Your Cloud Networking Game

Your applications are growing in the cloud, but is your network monitoring keeping pace? This whitepaper for network and infrastructure engineers explains key challenges and solutions around cloud networking.


How to Troubleshoot Routing and Connectivity in Your AWS Environment

Your public cloud can seem like a “black box.” And when there’s a cloud networking problem, it can be tough to identify and fix it fast. Dan Rohan demonstrates how Kentik Cloud helps you proactively see and troubleshoot issues quickly.


Network AF

Take a journey of super-nerd proportions into the world of networking, cloud and the internet. Avi Freedman, self-described internet plumber and podcast namesake, hosts top network experts from around the world for in-depth, honest, and freewheeling banter on all-things-network.


NFD 26: Observability for cloud networkers

Cloud monitoring tools aren’t built for network engineers. Dan Rohan explains why and demonstrates how Kentik Cloud solves for this. Kentik Cloud fuses network traffic telemetry with business, security and internet metadata to provide increased visibility, improved performance and better cost…


NFD 26: See what’s new at Kentik in 2021

Avi Freedman talks about Kentik’s newest product developments and gives a short demo of the Kentik Network Observability Cloud platform. He also shares what is (and isn’t) on Kentik’s roadmap ahead.


NFD 26: Synthetic monitoring made autonomous and continuous

Kentik Synthetics allows network teams to monitor everything that matters — frequently and autonomously, across hybrid and multi-cloud networks. Anil Murty shares why we built Kentik Synthetics and gives a demo to show what sets us apart from other vendors offering synthetic monitoring.

Case Study

FPT Telecom uses network observability from Kentik to deliver an amazing customer experience

FPT Telecom has over 3 million business and residential customers in Vietnam. To deliver the best customer experience possible, FPT uses the Kentik Network Observability Cloud to avoid network congestion, facilitate capacity planning, improve operational efficiency and keep customers happy.

Analyst Report

EMA Radar Report: Network Performance Management

Kentik is named a 2021 Value Leader by analyst firm EMA. In this report, read why customers say Kentik offers “one of the quickest UIs,” has “near-infinite flexibility,” and is one of “the best troubleshooting tools” in NPM.

Solution Brief

Kentik and New Relic Joint Solution Brief

Kentik’s network observability data is now added to New Relic’s application experience telemetry right inside the New Relic One. With shared dashboards and data sets, teams can see their critical network data alongside application and infrastructure data.

Analyst Report

Kentik Cloud adds mapping, cost management and performance monitoring to multicloud use

Analyst firm 451 Research writes that Kentik Cloud helps enterprises “rein in monitoring and managing applications distributed across multiple cloud services.”


Network Tips to Ensure a Successful AWS Migration

Migrating to a cloud platform offers ease of use, but from a network perspective, it can be a complicated web of cloud intra- and inter-region networking. Join Kentik experts for a discussion on how to ensure a successful AWS migration.

Solution Brief

Kentik True Origin™

Kentik True Origin enables ISPs, MSOs, mobile, telcos, and other providers to gain fast, actionable insights into cost, competition, and subscriber behavior.


Kentik Tech Talks, Episode 10: AWS Transit Gateways—Visualizing Cloud Routing with Kentik

In this brief Tech Talk video, Kentik Cloud expert Dan Rohan talks AWS Transit Gateways: How do you visualize cloud routing in AWS and why does it have to be so hard? Learn how to show traffic through an AWS Transit Gateway and trace the path that traffic is going to take, using Kentik Cloud.

Case Study

EdgeUno Delivers Leading Internet Services in Latin America with Network Observability from Kentik

EdgeUno provides internet services in the emerging economies of Latin America. To ensure that its customers receive the highest quality services while optimizing connectivity, costs and operational efficiencies across its network, EdgeUno uses Kentik.


Network Observability with Avi Freedman, CEO of Kentik

Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik, joins Neil C. Hughes in The Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Avi discusses lessons learned throughout his career, including how his poker skills have helped him in the tech industry.


FutureStack: Kentik and New Relic Partnership

In the New Relic FutureStack 2021 day 1 keynote, Kentik co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman discusses New Relic’s partnership with Kentik to deliver network performance telemetry—and full network observability—in New Relic One.

Solution Brief

Kentik Cloud - Product Brief for AWS

Kentik Cloud provides enterprises with the ability to observe their public and hybrid cloud environments and understand how the network impacts user experience, application performance, costs, and security.


The Network Pro's Guide to the Public Cloud

As you transition apps and services to the cloud, the networking component quickly gets complicated. Your team not only has to manage on-premises networking, but also cloud networks—which requires a different approach. Get a detailed view of the top three gotchas in AWS, and how network…


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network monitoring and visibility topics such as flow-based traffic analytics (NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX), network performance monitoring (NPM), BGP peering, big data, and SaaS.

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