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The Ultimate Guide to Network Observability

The definitive guide to running a healthy, secure, high-performance network in a time when the “network” isn’t any one thing and it certainly isn’t always in our control.

Case Study

Box Achieves Google Cloud Migration Success with Kentik

Read why Box chose Kentik for network visibility from data center to cloud, including K8s clusters.


Network Security Threats and Solutions: Mitigating Cyberattacks with Kentik

Learn how you can better prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks using multidimensional network data across all of your networks.


BGP Incidents: A Complete History and How to Prevent Them

Doug Madory covers the most notable and significant BGP incidents in the history of the internet, from traffic-disrupting leaks to recent crypto-stealing hijacks.

LinkedIn Live Replay

How AI Is Changing Modern Networking

Watch our live discussion on the current state of data center networking in the age of AI.

Solution Brief

Kentik Market Intelligence

Kentik Market Intelligence (KMI) is Kentik’s machine learning-powered offering that explores and navigates the global routing table.

Solution Brief

Peering and Interconnection

Kentik combines three core elements necessary for peering decisions – your network’s traffic flows, connectivity costs, and PeeringDB’s database – into one unified solution.


Breaking the Cloud Illusion: The Hard Truth about Successful Migrations

Join Kentik and GigaOm for a panel discussion on common challenges organizations face as they move their workloads to the cloud.


How to Perform a Forensic Analysis After a Security Breach

In this demo, we walk step-by-step through how you can use Kentik’s data-driven approach to network observability to perform a forensic analysis after a security breach.

Solution Brief

Kentik Cloud - Product Brief for AWS

Kentik Cloud is integrated into Kentik’s network observability platform and shows a unified view of traffic and performance to, from, and across public clouds, the internet, and on-premises infrastructures.


Troubleshooting a SaaS App in Kentik

Phil Gervasi takes you through a real-life example of investigating a poorly performing SaaS application and showcases how Kentik’s tools pinpoint network latency issues, both regionally and globally.


The Ultimate Guide to BGP Routing

An effective BGP configuration is pivotal to controlling your organization’s destiny on the internet. Learn the basics, history, and evolution of BGP.

Video Collection

Microsoft Azure Observability: The video collection

Gain comprehensive network observability across all multi-cloud deployments, unify network telemetry, unlock automated insights, and ensure no critical data goes unnoticed.

Case Study

StackPath Saves $3 Million by Optimizing Network Performance with Kentik

StackPath chose Kentik as its network observability solution due to comprehensive and user-friendly network analytics capabilities.

Solution Brief

Azure Observability and NSG Flow Logs in Kentik

Kentik collects Microsoft Azure NSG (Network Security Group) flow logs to provide real-time visibility and traffic analytics into your Azure infrastructure.


Putting the Network in Observability

Techstrong Research GM Mike Rothman and Kentik’s Phil Gervasi and Rosalind Whitley discuss how network observability adds depth and context to any APM or security analysis environment. Mike also highlights data from a recent network observability survey done by Techstrong Research.


The cloud shouldn’t be a black box: Understand your network from data center to multi-cloud

Learn how organizations with some of the world’s most complex hybrid networks are able to gain complete hybrid-cloud visibility.

Solution Brief

AWS VPC Flow Logs for Kentik

With VPC Flow Logs from AWS, Kentik gives you a 360° view to keep your applications performant, reliable, and secure. See how our observability platform understands the network behavior of every application and service, regardless of how they’re deployed.


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network observability, featuring how-tos and definitions for a variety of networking terms and topics.

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