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Exploring Your Network Data in Kentik

Learn how Kentik’s Data Explorer lets network engineers ask any question about their networks and explore the tremendous amount and variety of network telemetry being collected.


Go Kentik today!

Introducing the Kentik infomercial: It’s the ultimate throwback to the decade that brought us frosted tips, butterfly clips, and Beanie Babies. Grab a bowl of popcorn, put on your favorite pair of JNCO jeans, and tune in.


What network teams need to know to be successful in 2023

Join Kentik and Arelion as we discuss events affecting global connectivity, trends in RPKI compliance, the importance of BGP monitoring, and reveal how Arelion keeps an eye on its market share and competitive activity.


The Tech Show with Ted Turner

Ted Turner, Kentik cloud solutions architect, takes a break from Cloud Expo Europe to talk with Josh Porter of The Tech Show. Ted discusses some of the challenges he sees in the cloud networking every day and the mistakes people are making.


See How Kubernetes Traffic Routes Through Data Center, Cloud, and Internet with Kentik Kube

Using Kentik Kube, cloud and infrastructure engineers can access detailed network traffic and performance visibility for internal and external traffic for their Kubernetes clusters to quickly detect and solve network problems.


Solving Faster in the Cloud: Hybrid Infrastructure Observability

Learn how practitioners serving distributed teams or customer workloads can tighten up policies, impact costs, and unblock their colleagues with cloud infrastructure observability that starts with the network.


Using Synthetic Testing for Better Network Observability

See how you can use synthetic testing to maximize network performance and minimize downtime in today’s complex cloud, hybrid, and private on-prem networks.


What’s New at Kentik in 2023

Avi Freedman talks about the newest product developments, including Kentik’s approach to network observability, and how we collect network telemetry data.


Kentik Kube: Container Network Performance Monitoring

In a 3-minute demo, Phil Gervasi shows how you can use Kentik Kube to monitor K8s network performance among containers on-premises, in public cloud, and communicating between the two.


Monitoring Kubernetes Network Performance

See how Kentik Kube can provides granular visibility into Kubernetes clusters across a myriad of cloud platforms and environments and how that data can be used to troubleshoot various scenarios in multi-cloud architectures.


Telemetry Now

Tune in and let the packets wash over you as host Phil Gervasi and his expert guests talk networking, network engineering and related careers, emerging technologies, and more.


Network and application observability for multi-cloud ops teams

Moving beyond monitoring is critical, and this guide will help you understand why. It’s essential reading for all teams looking to master the operational aspects of multi-cloud deployments.

KMI Solution Brief

Navigate the global internet ecosystem with Kentik Market Intelligence

KMI explores and navigates the global routing table. Users can identify the providers, peers, and customers for any AS in any geography. KMI produces rankings based on the volume of IP space transited by ASes in different geographies.

Analyst Report

EMA research report: Network observability

This new report describes top use cases for network observability. Learn how your NetOps peers are dealing with today’s network monitoring challenges and how network observability can help.

Solution Brief

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

With hybrid cloud monitoring, NetOps teams gain an immediate and single, unified view to understand topology state, traffic flows, network performance, and device health status within and between multi-cloud, on-prem, and internet infrastructures.


Test drive Kentik Kube

See your network from container to cloud. With Kentik Kube, you get complete visibility and context for traffic performance inside and among Kubernetes clusters.


A bone chilling preview for DDoS of the Dead

Kill the lights and watch our bone chilling preview for DDoS of the Dead — a new tale of network terror from Kentik.


DDoS of the Dead: A network horror story

Kentik brings you a tale of terror to make you tremble in your cubicle and send a chill up your ethernet cord. Prepare for a fright with our network horror story.


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network observability, featuring how-tos and definitions for a variety of networking terms and topics.

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