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Network and application observability for multi-cloud ops teams

Moving beyond monitoring is critical, and this guide will help you understand why. It’s essential reading for all teams looking to master the operational aspects of multi-cloud deployments.


Test drive Kentik Kube

See your network from container to cloud. With Kentik Kube, you get complete visibility and context for traffic performance inside and among Kubernetes clusters.

Analyst Report

EMA research report: Network observability

This new report describes top use cases for network observability. Learn how your NetOps peers are dealing with today’s network monitoring challenges and how network observability can help.

KMI Solution Brief

Navigate the global internet ecosystem with Kentik Market Intelligence

KMI explores and navigates the global routing table. Users can identify the providers, peers, and customers for any AS in any geography. KMI produces rankings based on the volume of IP space transited by ASes in different geographies.

Solution Brief

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

With hybrid cloud monitoring, NetOps teams gain an immediate and single, unified view to understand topology state, traffic flows, network performance, and device health status within and between multi-cloud, on-prem, and internet infrastructures.


A bone chilling preview for DDoS of the Dead

Kill the lights and watch our bone chilling preview for DDoS of the Dead — a new tale of network terror from Kentik.


DDoS of the Dead: A network horror story

This Halloween, we bring you a tale of terror to make you tremble in your cubicle and send a chill up your ethernet cord. Prepare for a fright with our network horror story.


Solving for cloud/multi-cloud network complexity

Join industry expert and podcaster Eric Wright as he leads a discussion with Kentik and Alkira about observability practices and methods for network, cloud, virtualization, and application ops teams.

Solution Brief

Kentik Kube

Kentik Kube enables network and DevOps professionals to gain full visibility of network traffic within the context of their Kubernetes deployments. Request access to the beta to give it a try.


Kentik brings network observability to public clouds

Kentik makes sense of the mountain of telemetry available from your public cloud infrastructure to help you better plan, run, and fix your AWS, Azure, and GCP infrastructure.


Kentik in the cloud: Review of AWS and Azure

In this video, we provide visibility into how we connect to public cloud resources with Kentik Maps, the Kentik Data Explorer, and the Kentik ingest pipeline.


Using Kentik to uncover hidden costs in the public cloud

Learn how Kentik helped identify traffic that was costing customers massive amounts of money without providing any value.


Kentik company overview

Kentik provides powerful cloud visibility by using a system of agents to forward data into our SaaS platform. You can see your network traffic in the cloud, over the public internet, and on premises.


How BGP propagation affects DDoS mitigation

Learn the nuance of coordinating the mitigation of a DDoS attack, and how you can see the propagation of BGP announcements on the public internet before, during, and after the DDoS attack mitigation.


A NetOps guide to DDoS defense

Join Kentik and Cloudflare as we discuss and analyze the latest in DDoS attack trends. Learn why observability is critical to DDoS defense in 2022.


Detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks with Kentik Protect

Watch how Kentik Protect is used to detect and mitigate the various types of attacks as well as perform forensic analysis.


It's always the network

Brian Davenport shows that with flow data, enrichment, Kentik Synthetics, and innovation by network vendors, network engineers can gain macro visibility of network activity.


Network observability: The evolution of network visibility with Kentik

Phil Gervasi discusses how today’s complex environment of cloud-hosted applications, containerized services, and overlay networks requires a network-centric approach to observability.


/kent (ə) pēdēə/ noun

a tool for learning about network observability, featuring how-tos and definitions for a variety of networking terms and topics.

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