Kentik - Network Observability

Complete Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Network Observability

Empower teams to answer any question about cloud traffic, connectivity, or performance.


Understand hybrid cloud connectivity and health

  • Visualize infrastructure from data center to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OCI, IBM Cloud, and Kubernetes environments in an interactive, context-rich map.
  • Instantly see cloud resource topology and interconnects to data center environments with an automated source of truth.
Kentik Map with Load Balancer details

Get alerts on critical anomalies and insights

  • Find out about compliance and security risks that matter to your business immediately with custom alerts.
  • Know where your traffic is going, and whether inter-region data exchange is compliant.
  • Automatically flag communication with watchlisted hosts.
Network topology with inter-region data exchange

Troubleshoot instantly with Connectivity Checker

  • Check live connectivity between any instance, subnet, or network interface on demand.
  • Get detailed insights into connectivity problems with visualization of where connectivity is blocked.
  • Search by IP, CIDR block, VPC ID, Subnet ID, or DNS name to quickly pinpoint connectivity.
Cloud Connectivity Checker for Troubleshooting

See public cloud performance, uptime, and connectivity

  • Check Kentik State of the Internet to identify cloud provider latency and outages across regions and products.
  • Quickly troubleshoot SaaS and external dependency issues with real-time status of SaaS companies and DNS Services.
  • Configure global synthetic tests to detect issues with mission-critical upstream services.
Public cloud mesh showing performance, uptime, and connectivity

Excel at cloud migration

  • Quickly optimize customer experience with insights from synthetic tests and real-time, hybrid cloud traffic data.
  • Automatically analyze cloud usage trends and attribution to fine-tune cloud capacity and redundancy.
  • Analyze traffic before, during, and after migration to balance performance with cost.
Azure Cost Avoidance showing top talkers by subscription

Rapidly interrogate network data in Data Explorer

  • Get instant answers to “unknown unknowns” with blazing-fast queries of network and infrastructure data from all your clouds.
  • Understand, compare, and visualize real-time and historical connectivity and performance.
  • Automatically enrich data with your business, application, and security context.
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Cloud Networks - Ultimate Exit with Load Balancer Analysis
Major League Baseball

“Kentik is actually showing you a visual representation of how your physical equipment connects via those virtual private connections in the cloud.”

Jeremy Schulman Principal Network Automation Software Engineer, Major League Baseball
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