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Peering and Interconnection

Easy and efficient edge optimization, delivered.


Discover Peers

  • Discover top potential origin and destination peers based on traffic flows, ratios, volume, connectivity mix, paths, and geographic overlay between your network and theirs.
  • Evaluate which internet exchanges and data centers to deploy to based on your traffic profile and how much assured traffic you can peer off.
  • Find peering targets to optimize network performance, reduce transit costs, and elevate subscriber experience.
Peering and Interconnection: Discover Peers

PeeringDB integration

  • Eliminate complex spreadsheet wrangling and chair swiveling with PeeringDB data integrated right in the Kentik platform.
  • Get information about peers and compare your network traffic with any member network at internet exchanges and colocations.
  • Use PeeringDB data – contextualized with your network flow data – to discover transit traffic that could be offloaded to peering at IXs and data centers.
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Example of PeeringDB data integrated with network flow data

Connectivity Costs

  • Manage all connectivity costs and monitor monthly spending in any currency.
  • Automate flat, tiered, and custom calculations.
  • See costs broken down by provider, connectivity type, sites, or markets to track cost per Mbps.
  • Share reports with business teams to drive decisions.
Dashboard showing network connectivity costs

Kentik Market Intelligence

  • Access Kentik’s unique database to evaluate size, market share, relationships, and rankings of ASes globally and regionally.
  • See the providers, peers, and customers for any AS.
  • Enable efficient sales prospecting with competitor insights, including single-homed customers.
  • Generate dynamic, tailored market alerts.

See the Kentik Market Intelligence solution brief.

Kentik Market Intelligence with rankings of ASes

CDN Analytics

  • Determine connectivity mix on- and off-net for each CDN handing traffic over to your network.
  • Detect CDN inefficiencies and fix traffic origin misconfigurations that impact performance and costs.
  • Benchmark CDNs in detail to improve traffic delivery and enhance service quality.
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CDN analytics dashboard with subscriber traffic and embedded caching

OTT Service Tracking

  • Understand network traffic service origin, contributors, and consumers by content and content providers.
  • Uncover drivers behind bandwidth utilization and costs without expensive DPI.
  • Identify CDNs, 850+ OTT services, and 650+ OTT providers across more than 40 categories.
OTT Service Tracking showing video, gaming, social media

“Kentik has the best feature functionality on the market and has substantially reduced our MTTR for customer, peering, and transit-related issues. It’s rare to be able to leverage one product for value in so many different and useful ways across the organization, but with Kentik, we’ve been able to do just that.”

Julien Vaught VP of Network Architecture and Engineering, Edgio
Evaluating Traffic at IXes and Data Centers with PeeringDB Filters
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