Kentik - Network Observability

Deliver Peak Multi-Cloud Performance

Find, diagnose, and fix performance problems fast — and guarantee premium experiences.


Improve Cloud Performance: Public cloud synthetic tests showing Azure and AWS performance
Real-time visibility

Optimize infrastructure routing and capacity and ensure application performance in complex networks.

Automatic traffic analysis

Understand performance anomalies, bottlenecks, and historical trends in traffic data from multi and hybrid cloud environments.

Proactive monitoring

Use automated performance testing alerts and metrics to improve user experience and application delivery.

Prioritize critical traffic to optimize bandwidth usage

  • Quickly analyze resource allocation to prioritize critical applications.
  • Easily classify traffic to understand which teams and initiatives consume what with traffic data enriched with business context.
  • Benchmark and alert on key performance thresholds and anomalies.
Optimize Cloud Bandwidth Usage: Investigating Azure ExpressRoutes in Kentik

Boost performance with cloud-informed adjustments

  • Use cloud metrics to identify degraded connectivity across transit links.
  • Understand cloud interconnect performance with insight into Express Routes, Cloud Interconnect, and Direct Connect.
  • Observe and optimize load balancers, firewalls, and gateways from one platform fluent in multi-cloud infrastructure metrics.
Improve Cloud Interconnect Performance with Kentik

Identify performance anomalies before they’re problems

  • Instantly identify user experience degradation in cloud-hosted applications using synthetic network testing.
  • Quickly validate which component of a network is the root cause of an issue.
  • Optimize each step in your digital transactions with detailed telemetry.
Identify Cloud Performance Anomalies in Multicloud Environments with Kentik

Dial in maximum performance at the lowest cost

  • Predict and prevent bandwidth runout with insight into congestion patterns in key infrastructure like load balancers and backbone links.
  • Quickly analyze capacity to size and geo-locate cloud networking infrastructure for peak demand, and then confidently scale down.
  • Optimize routing based on demand.
Optimize Cloud Networking Infrastructure Performance with Kentik

“Kentik has cut in half the time it takes for us to analyze and resolve an issue.”

Thomas Guggenbuhl Infrastructure Engineer, Pexip
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