Kentik - Network Observability

Troubleshoot Complex Networks with Kentik AI

Now everyone on your team can be a network expert.


The first network GenAI

Answer any question about your network in any natural language.

Built for modern networks

Analyze diverse telemetry from any device, container, or cloud at scale.

Democratize network insights

Level up your entire engineering team.

Accelerate troubleshooting

  • Ask, reframe, and branch off from saved questions and answers for fast iterative analysis.
  • Chain and refer back to questions without re-work as you dig deeper towards the root of the problem.
  • Track and build native network expertise in your unique environment by recording the questions that drive resolution.
Accelerate troubleshooting

Simplify investigations

  • Answer any question about your network in any language.
  • Visibility into your entire network, from data center to container to multi-cloud.
  • Democratize access to critical network insights across engineering and non-technical teams.
Simplify investigations

Correlate telemetry

  • Leverage network telemetry insights from on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments in one smart query engine.
  • Get answers sourced from advanced traffic analysis or device metrics, from data center, to SD-WAN, to Azure.
  • Understand your network data without leaving the window or dialog.
Correlate telemetry
Answer Any Question About Your Network
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