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The Biggest Networks You Couldn’t See – Until Now

The health of the internet at your fingertips.


Internet Performance: Kentik State of the Internet showing SaaS apps, public clouds, DNS services
Goodbye blame game

Know immediately if a common SaaS app, public cloud, or DNS service is causing issues.

Diagnose DNS

Closely monitor DNS to see if, where, and how breakdowns occur.

Internet alerts that matter

Alert on critical BGP activity that could affect network traffic, security, and performance.

Lift the veil on the network of networks

  • View performance, uptime, and connectivity state of common public SaaS apps, services, clouds, and networks.
  • See immediately if they’re experiencing performance degradation that is impacting your customers and users.
Understanding internet performance: Synthetic test results showing status of AWS regions

Monitor what you care about

  • Create your own tailored State of the Internet with private agent synthetic tests from your chosen locations.
  • Monitor the elements that make up the user and customer experience for your applications, networks, and services.
Internet performance monitoring: Custom Microsoft Teams availability monitoring in Kentik

DNS being DNS? Drill down into why.

  • Keep an eye on top talkers, queries, responses, and return codes, as well as query handling and server utilization.
  • Use pre-built or custom DNS metric dashboards and alerts to reveal issues quickly.
  • Pinpoint why DNS is acting up to springboard faster resolution and reduce downtime.
Internet Performance: DNS monitoring in Kentik

Put the global routing table to work for you

  • Monitor prefixes, upstream leak detection, and origin hijack detection.
  • See visualized AS paths of your monitoring prefixes.
  • Get alerted and notified of route hijacks, route leaks, prefix reachability, path changes, and RPKI invalids.
BGP Monitoring: BGP Route Viewer in Kentik

“The real-time visibility we need to deliver a great customer experience.”

Dzmitry Markovich Senior Director of Engineering, Dropbox
SaaS Visibility: Troubleshooting a Slow SaaS Application
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