Kentik - Network Observability

End-to-End Network Performance Monitoring

Highly scalable NPM built for complex multi-vendor, hybrid, and distributed networks.


Visualize Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud, and On-Premises Topology and Network Traffic with Kentik
Automatic traffic analysis

Understand performance anomalies, bottlenecks, and historical trends in traffic data from multi and hybrid cloud environments.

Instant answers

Know whether the network is impacting application performance, and see how to fix it.

Unified infrastructure

Understand path, performance, health, and security from on-prem to cloud.

See your network

  • Unlock your telemetry: Leverage the full capabilities of your network telemetry data in one unified platform.

  • One view to see them all: Multi-vendor networks. Distributed architectures. On-prem, cloud, edge, and hybrid environments. No network is too complex — see everything in a true single pane of glass.

  • Deep internet insights: View performance, uptime, and connectivity state of common public SaaS apps, clouds, and services your network relies on.

NPM: All your network telemetry data in one platform

Know your network

  • Automation and alerting: Intelligent automation delivers meaningful insights without alert fatigue.

  • Understand your data: Understand SNMP, traffic flows, VPC logs, host agents, and synthetic monitoring – for a comprehensive performance view.

  • Multi-cloud performance: Keep track of traffic performance to and from, between, and within hybrid and multi-clouds.

NPM: Network automation and alerting

Optimize your network

  • Rapid troubleshooting: Dive into network map visualizations to isolate and investigate problems quickly for faster resolution.

  • Proactive QoE monitoring: Keep a pulse on your network, optimize application performance, and uncover issues before they impact customer experience or critical operations.

  • Break down silos: Foster greater collaboration across network, cloud, and security teams with robust integrations.

Optimize your network

“Kentik has given us the insight and visibility that we have not been able to achieve through other network performance monitoring products or open source tools. We can see things we simply couldn’t see before.”

Sam Eaton Director of Engineering Operations, Yelp
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