Kentik - Network Observability

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Observability

Know everything about your distributed cloud network.


Understand health of every workload

  • Visualize traffic end-to-end across OCI, AWS, Google Cloud, and virtualized infrastructure for enterprise applications from AI to ZFS.
  • Troubleshoot large-scale workloads used for disaster recovery, storage, back office operations, machine learning, model training, and more.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) topology showing next-hop networks and details

Migrate seamlessly

  • Plan migrations to and from OCI with full visibility (translation: without costly rework).
  • Move, duplicate, and optimize applications for peak reliability at lower cost.
  • Baseline and alert on network behavior and application performance.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) topology - visibility into cloud migration

Optimize performance

  • Understand and protect performance with autonomous testing and alerts.
  • Discover OCI resources and monitor performance across clouds and service meshes.
  • Investigate anomalies efficiently with ad-hoc tests for network connectivity, BGP routes, and application responses.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - synthetic testing to monitor network performance

Cloud observability for telcos

  • Achieve optimal network operations across private, hybrid, and public clouds.
  • Incorporate Kubernetes visibility seamlessly into monitoring.
  • Ensure network modernization success in projects like cloud-based 5G and Open RAN.
Cloud observability for telcos
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