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Lessons from Google on Converging Network Technologies with SD-WAN

March 31, 2020

Google is investing and innovating in SD-WAN. In this post, Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall highlights what Google has been up to and how Google’s SD-WAN work can apply to the typical organization.

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How Leading Companies Support Remote Work and Digital Experience

March 27, 2020

Kentik recently hosted a virtual panel with network leaders from Dropbox, Equinix, Netflix and Zoom and discussed how they are scaling to accommodate the unprecedented growth in network traffic during COVID-19. In this post, we highlight takeaways from the event.

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UPDATED 3/26/20: Trends in Network Traffic in Correlation with COVID-19

March 26, 2020

At Kentik, we’re always interested in monitoring trends in network traffic. This helps to inform our community and customers globally about potential opportunities and threats to network operations. In this ongoing blog post, we’ll provide updates to trends in traffic in correlation with COVID-19.

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Strategies for Managing Network Traffic from a Remote Workforce

March 19, 2020

When more of the workforce shifts to working remotely, it puts new and different strains on the infrastructure across different parts of the network. In this post, we discuss strategies for managing surges in network traffic coming from remote employees and share information on how Kentik can help.

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Can I Put Kentik in My Data Center?

March 03, 2020

The most complex point of today’s networks is the edge, where there are more protocols, diverse traffic, and security exposure. The network edge is also a place where Kentik provides high value. In this post, we discuss how to implement Kentik in your data center.

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The Kentik Platform is the Future of Network Operations

February 27, 2020

Today we announced an evolutionary leap forward for NetOps, solving for today’s biggest network challenge: effectively managing hybrid complexity and scale, at speed. In this post, Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall discusses what’s new with the latest release of the Kentik Platform.

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SNMP vs. NetFlow

January 29, 2020

What is the difference between SNMP and flow technologies? Who uses the data sets? And what benefits do these technologies bring to network professionals? In this post, Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall explains how and why to use both.

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Kentik for Grafana

January 07, 2020

Most DevOps teams use Grafana for reporting and data analysis for operational use cases spanning many monitoring systems. Grafana is a place these teams go to get answers to many questions. In this post, Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall discusses how Grafana became so popular and how the Kentik plugin for Grafana has new enhancements and features to help teams across the IT organization.

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Scaling BGP Peering in Kentik's SaaS Environment

December 19, 2019

Last month at DENOG11 in Germany, Kentik Site Reliability Engineer Costas Drogos talked about the SRE team’s journey during the last four years of growing Kentik’s infrastructure to support thousands of BGP sessions with customer devices on Kentik’s multi-tenant SaaS (cloud) platform.

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AIOps Comes of Age in Gartner’s Market Guide for AIOps Platforms

December 17, 2019

Gartner recently published its 2019 version of the Market Guide for AIOps Platforms. In this post, we examine our understanding of the report and discuss how Kentik’s domain-centric AIOps platform is built from the ground up for network professionals.

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