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News in Networking: ONUG, Bufferbloat, and DDoSing with IoT

By Michelle Kincaid | Apr 26, 2017
Kentik News Digest

Today we’re launching a weekly blog series called “News in Networking.” Tune in each week for a quick roundup of industry news that seems noteworthy to the Kentik team. This week’s highlights include a look at hot topics at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Spring 2017 conference, an article on bufferbloat (yes, it’s real) and the causes behind a slow internet, a list of IoT-enabled DDoS attacks that underscore security risks, and more…

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Accurate Visibility with NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Apr 24, 2017
NetFlow Analysis, Network Management, Technology

Most of the testing and discussion of flow protocols over the years has been based on enterprise use cases and fairly low-bandwidth assumptions. In this post we take a fresh look, focusing instead on the real-world traffic volumes handled by operators of large-scale networks. How do NetFlow and other variants of stateful flow tracking compare with packet sampling approaches like sFlow? Read on…

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Connect with Kentik at ONUG SF, Internet2 DC, or The Liberty NYC!

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Apr 17, 2017
Company, Kentik Inc

Join Kentik at one of our events next week in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Kentik will be sponsoring and participating in the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Spring 2017 conference April 25-26 in SF. We’ll also be participating as a member in the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit April 24-26 in Washington DC. Meanwhile on April 26 we’re hosting a reception in NYC featuring presentations including one from our customer MediaMath. Hope to see you soon!

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Big Data Analytics on Tap for Kentik at ONUG Spring 2017

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Apr 14, 2017
Kentik Inc, Uncategorized

ONUG Spring 2017 in SF Next week, Kentik will be sponsoring and participating in the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Spring 2017 conference. Running April 25-26 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, this is the first time ONUG has held a conference outside of NYC. We’re excited that one of the main […]

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From Network Flow Monitoring to CapEx Savings

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Apr 10, 2017
Network Management

It’s very costly to operate a large-scale Internet edge, making lower-end edge routers a subject of keen interest for service providers and Web enterprises alike. Such routers are comparatively short on FIB capacity, but depending on the routes needed to serve your customers that might not be an issue. How can you find out for sure? In this post, Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing, explains how a new feature in Kentik Detect can show you the answer.

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Flow Data is Top Source for Network Analysis

By Shamus McGillicudy, Senior Analyst, Network Management, EMA | Apr 3, 2017
Analyst Report, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

Not long ago network flow data was a secondary source of data for IT departments trying to better understand their network status, traffic, and utilization. Today it’s become a leading focus of analysis, yielding valuable insights in areas including network security, network optimization, and business processes. In this post, senior analyst Shamus McGillicudy of EMA looks at the value and versatility of flow for network analytics.

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Why Large Enterprises Need Modern DDoS Defense

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Mar 27, 2017
DDoS Protection, Network Management

Today’s increased reliance on cloud and distributed application architectures means that denial of just a single critical dependency can shut down Web availability and revenue. In this post we look at what that means for large, complex enterprises. Do legacy tools protect sufficiently against new and different vulnerabilities? If not, what constitutes a modern approach to DDoS protection, and why is it so crucial to business resilience?

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How Important is the Internet to Enterprises Today?

By Jim Frey, VP Strategic Alliances | Mar 20, 2017
Network Management

After presenting at the recent CIOArena conference in Atlanta, Kentik VP of Strategic Alliances Jim Frey came away with a number of insights about the adoption of digital business operations in the enterprise. In his first in a series of related posts, Jim looks at audience survey responses indicating how reliant enterprises — even those that aren’t digital natives or located in tech industry hotspots — have become on the Internet for core elements of their business.

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Kentik Joins Internet2

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Mar 13, 2017
Company, Kentik Inc, Network Management

Kentik is pleased to announce our membership in the Internet2® consortium, which operates a nationwide research and education (R&E) network and establishes best practices for R&E networking. Because Internet2 is a major source of innovation, our participation will enable us to grow our connection to the higher education networking community, to learn from member perspectives, and to support the advancement of applications and services for R&E networks.

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The State of DDoS Attacks and Defense

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Mar 6, 2017
DDoS Protection, Network Management

DDoS attacks constitute a very significant and growing portion of the overall cybersecurity threat. In this post we recap highlights of a recent Webinar jointly presented by Kentik’s VP of Product Marketing, Alex Henthorn-Iwane, and Forrester Senior Analyst Joseph Blankenship. The Webinar focused on three areas: attack trends, the state of defense techniques, and key recommendations that organizations can implement to improve their protective posture.

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