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Kentik Partner Program

The Kentik Partner Program creates and fosters long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between Kentik and our partners, with the clear and consistent goal of ensuring joint customer success.

Partnering for success

Our mission is solving hard problems for our clients, and partners are integral to that process. We’re here to help!

Long-term engagement

Build and grow recurring revenues via our annual SaaS subscription licensing. We offer training resources to ensure success.

Custom programs

Whether you’re an MSP, reseller, referral partner, or a marketplace, we have a program for you.

Built for success

Our teams are focused on your success and the success of the customers you introduce before, during, and after the sale.

Channel partner benefits

Lead and deal registration

Partners bringing business opportunities to Kentik can be awarded incremental deal registration discounts via deal registration.

Product discounts

Partners receive discounts based on their status in the program.

Joint marketing activities

Request-based marketing funds are readily available to jointly market and promote Kentik solutions.

Channel partner structure

Kentik priority partner badge
Kentik professional partner badge
Kentik premier partner badge

We structured our channel partner program to reward partners based on the resources and commitments they make to mutual success. Our premier partners receive the highest level of support and enjoy the healthiest of margins.

Depending on the level attained, channel partners are eligible to:

  • Receive discounts on Kentik pricing
  • Gain access to our Partner Portal
  • Register deals
  • Online and custom training for technical and sales staff
  • Marketing funds

Managed service providers (MSP)

Kentik Partner Program provides MSPs with the resources and support they need to deliver a comprehensive network visibility and analytics solution to their customers, increase their efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Kentik will engage with partners under an MSP agreement for those that qualify. for more details.


Kentik is currently offered through AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and Google Cloud Marketplace. We welcome approaches to list Kentik services on marketplaces.

AWS marketplace
Microsoft Azure marketplace
Google Cloud marketplace

My Kentik Portal

Your branded network observability solution for your customers

  • Start without any in-house development. Deploy a ready-to-use, powerful query and insights engine.
  • Provide a branded experience that includes logo, notification emails, a support URL, and email information.
  • Offer comprehensive DDoS protection with detection, mitigation, incident analysis, and forensics.
  • Assign your tenants different sets of visualizations, dashboards, and alert policies depending upon their service.
  • Build synthetic monitoring meshes and matrices displaying the health and performance of your backbone. Improve trust through transparency.

“NRTC offers network management services to meet the growing needs of small, rural ISPs. Several of our solutions utilize the My Kentik Portal, and our members have really benefited from the insights it provides.”

Global partner network

Map of partners around the world
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