Kentik - Network Observability

Kentik Firehose

Break down silos between data and teams.


Export network data. Anywhere.

  • Bring network observability to your other analytics tools and data lakes.
  • Deliver a cost-effective, consolidated and blazing-fast ingest pipeline.
Export network data. Anywhere.

Enriched network data you can use

  • Kentik generates the richest source of network data in the market.
  • Kentik processes hundreds of trillions of network records, logs, streaming telemetry, SNMP, and synthetic tests, and enriches them with the context of application, routing, location, and more.
  • With Firehose, customers have full access to this data to use and extract value in unique ways.
Enriched network data you can use

Reduce costs and improve speed

  • Bring enriched network context into your analytics tools and data lakes. Kentik has built the fastest and most cost-effective ingest pipeline.
  • Flow data can quickly overwhelm data lakes and data warehouses — such as AWS S3, Snowflake and Splunk — slowing down analytics and exploding costs.
  • Kentik Firehose can aggregate your ingest pipelines, feed your analytics and data lake platforms at an unmatched speed, and give you control over sampling rates.
Reduce costs and improve speed
New Relic

“Now users can analyze how much traffic their app generates and how it is affected by network conditions.”

Raj Ramanulam VP of Alliances and Channels, New Relic
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