Kentik - Network Observability

Make Zero-Trust Networks a Reality

Secure cloud workloads with actionable views of inbound, outbound, and denied traffic.

Harden Cloud Networks with Kentik: Exploring Security Groups in Kentik

Boost productivity with easy tracking and filtering of denied traffic, enriched with policy metadata.

Complete context

See traffic, enriched with deep business and security context, flowing across multi-cloud accounts and subscriptions.

Actionable alerts

See security policy in action with alerts that help to quickly diagnose threats and understand their impact.

Monitor and automatically detect malicious traffic

  • Detect anomalies, understand attack vectors, and identify embargoed country communications within real-time traffic.
  • Establish a baseline for network behavior and get alerts on abnormal activity.
  • Quickly correlate traffic patterns and find root causes with data enrichment, including IP reputation data.
Detect Malicious Traffic with Kentik: Port Scanning Alerts

Audit traffic to cloud resources

  • Quickly verify that perimeter, security group, and Access Control List rules match your security model.
  • Use fast, fine-tuned queries to understand context-enriched traffic data when investigating bad actions.
  • Trace activity and transactions from multi-cloud environments in one platform.
Audit Cloud Traffic: Denied network traffic investigation with Kentik

Lock down cloud policy for true zero-trust

  • Easily identify suspicious traffic to network security groups mistakenly left open.
  • Quickly find data to calibrate policies to the least privilege principle, restricting access to required ports and actors.
  • Monitor rejected traffic volume to easily manage cloud policies.
Kentik Helps Implement True Zero-Trust Cloud Policies

Automatically surface denied traffic

  • Quickly resolve tickets related to common cloud connectivity issues to unblock teams.
  • Find and fix high-impact connectivity issues right from the Kentik Map.
  • Get alerts to instantly know and visualize what matters to your business.
Find and Fix Denied Traffic and Cloud Network Connectivity Issues with Kentik

“Kentik quickly shows you abnormalities in traffic flow and allows you to easily drill down to get more detail.”

Raman Sud Director of Internet Services, Netskope
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