Kentik - Network Observability

Microsoft Azure Observability

Deep traffic awareness for the right answer in seconds


Migrate and run apps in Azure

  • Troubleshoot availability and performance of cloud applications.
  • Analyze traffic performance over ExpressRoutes to and from your data center.
  • See a dynamic visualization of how resources connect on-prem and in Azure.
  • Understand and optimize traffic before, during, and after migration.
Azure Observability: Azure application metrics in Kentik

Align cloud networking to your business

  • Identify consumption and demand patterns for applications running in Azure to model and plan infrastructure capacity.
  • Test connection performance between VNets, VPN tunnels, and sites to understand latency and enforce cloud provider SLAs.
Azure Observability: Monitoring Microsoft Azure availability with synthetic monitoring

Harden zero-trust cloud policy

  • Audit traffic to cloud resources, identify network security groups mistakenly left open, and restrict access to required ports and actors.
  • Monitor rejected traffic volume and refine cloud policies as needed.
Azure Observability: Investigating denied Azure network traffic in Kentik

Optimize cloud network costs

  • Attribute cloud costs to departments and applications.
  • Find opportunities to send traffic privately instead of over the public internet.
  • Identify inter-region and inter-availability-zone traffic that adds cloud costs.
  • Instantly see the impact of cloud provider service or inter-region latency.
Azure Observability: Microsoft Azure cost optimization in Kentik

Improve application performance

  • Identify top bandwidth consumers to protect critical traffic and align network utilization to the business.
  • Troubleshoot root cause of performance anomalies with easy analysis of latency, jitter, reachability, and packet loss.
Azure Network Monitoring and Observability: Monitoring Azure ExpressRoutes in Kentik
Kentik Cloud Enhancements for Azure
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