Kentik - Network Observability

Network Security and Compliance

Monitor and investigate security incidents across all your networks.


AI-driven anomaly detection

  • Identify network-probing behavior across your network.
  • Audit unusual internet traffic.
  • Detect traffic to or from embargoed countries.
AI-driven network monitoring

Quickly detect DDoS attacks with confidence

  • Minimize false positives and negatives with advanced detection algorithms.
  • Customize out-of-the-box attack profiles.
  • See across all networks in real time.
Automate the DDoS attack lifecycle: detection, investigation, mitigation

Streamline attack response

  • Mitigate attacks using your own infrastructure via RTBH/Flowspec.
  • Invoke mitigation through integrations with providers like Cloudflare, Radware, and A10.
Mitigate attacks with Cloudflare, Radware, A10 integrations

Validate policy compliance

  • Identify and alert on rejected traffic anomalies.
  • Verify RPKI enforcement.
  • Validate cloud ACLs.
Security Groups and Network ACL details

Detect mis-routed traffic

  • Find BGP leaks and hijacks.
  • Test BGP reachability.
  • Track BGP route changes.
BGP Route Viewer with BGP leaks and hijacks

Identify malware communication

  • Alert in real time on blacklisted IPs and domains.
  • Audit traffic to and from prohibited geographies.
  • Filter out VPC black holes.
Real-time security alerts

Full fidelity forensics

  • Understand historical data exfiltration/infiltration.
  • Determine what accessed the network with security and business enriched.
  • Identify users with ID enriched flow data.
Use Custom Dimensions to investigate security incidents

“In a DDoS attack you want to look at traffic volumes, but with Kentik we also can look at source IPs, AS numbers, and other metrics to see if it’s a distributed attack. This is so easy to do in Kentik.”

Jurriën Rasing Group Product Manager for Platform Engineering,
How to Perform a Forensic Analysis After a Security Breach
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