Kentik - Network Observability

SD-WAN Monitoring

Go beyond built-in tools with end-to-end SD-WAN network monitoring.


Lock in SD-WAN success

  • Achieve digital transformation and eliminate gaps in native SD-WAN monitoring tools with comprehensive network visibility.
  • Avoid migration pitfalls with insights to inform strategy before, during, and after deployment.
  • Understand your SD-WAN fabric’s impact on network traffic and performance.
  • Manage, monitor, and operate your SD-WAN(s) with confidence.
SD-WAN Monitoring: Understand SD-WAN Traffic

Multi-vendor SD-WAN? No problem.

  • Experience total clarity with operational views across multiple SD-WAN platforms including hybrid deployments with SD-WAN and legacy routers in the same network.
  • No vendor left behind – Kentik integrates with all major open SD-WAN solutions.
  • Ingest vendor-specific fields for richer visibility and insights.
  • Easily add or remove SD-WAN networks from mergers and acquisitions.
SD-WAN monitoring: Kentik supports multi-vendor SD-WAN deployments

Deliver peace of mind with proactive planning

  • Know where your network stands before you deploy.
  • Discover what applications are running between sites, the internet, and to the data center.
  • Have the complete picture to know what will happen when you flip the switch or migrate to another vendor.
  • Proactively plan SD-WAN capacity for cost-effective utilization and prevention of bandwidth exhaustion.
SD-WAN monitoring: Kentik helps in SD-WAN capacity planning

Master your WAN and SD-WAN traffic

  • Get visuals and data on SD-WAN transport including underlay and overlay.
  • Verify intent by auditing measured traffic against SD-WAN policies.
  • Visualize all your transports, such as MPLS, internet, and LTE links, and show traffic traversing on transports to validate SD-WAN policies.
SD-WAN monitoring: visualize SD-WAN traffic

See SD-WAN underlay and overlay simultaneously

  • Monitor the fabric with the underlay and transport, connecting various sites and data centers.
  • Drill down to details such as site, device, or provider if you see something that needs attention.
  • Reduce MTTR of underlay issues concerning service provider or internet connectivity.
SD-WAN monitoring: See underlay and overlay in Kentik's network map

Reduce network complexity

  • Verify if SD-WAN service is meeting expectations with custom dashboards, monitoring, and ongoing alerts.
  • Lock in operational oversight best practices and use traffic insights to fine-tune controller policies.
  • Get alerts when applications shift out of policy or transport services go down.
SD-WAN monitoring: Defining SD-WAN policies in Kentik

Enhance security and protect your organization

  • Keep tabs on anything in the network that could compromise security.
  • Leverage analytics to discover irregularities in traffic patterns, like unexpected bandwidth spikes or application activity.
  • Investigate any attacks in detail.
  • Use insights to enhance SD-WAN defenses, update policies, and implement security measures.
SD-WAN monitoring: Improve SD-WAN security with insights and alerts
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