Kentik - Network Observability

Kubernetes Networking

Understand your Kubernetes networks, from container, to data center, to public cloud.


Kubernetes Network Monitoring Dashboard in Kentik

Improve network performance

  • Discover exactly which services and pods are experiencing network latency and see which applications are affected.
  • Identify service misconfigurations or policy violations without capturing packets.
  • Proactively configure alert policies to find latency problems that impact nodes, pods, workloads, or services.

Gain end-to-end K8s visibility

  • Identify all clients and requesters consuming your Kubernetes services.
  • Know exactly who was talking to which pod, and when.
  • Get alerts and auditing on traffic to and from embargoed, prohibited, or watchlisted domains.
K8s Observability with Kentik

Unify Kubernetes and enterprise data centers

  • Infrastructure engineers get a consistent model to support performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and policy validation.
  • Cloud, container, on-prem, and internet networking are seamlessly integrated in a single solution.
  • Kentik Kube is the industry’s first solution that unifies the network performance of on-prem and cloud Kubernetes environments.
Monitor Kubernetes networks and your enterprise datacenters with Kentik

Troubleshoot performance problems

  • See connectivity health within and between pods and the rest of your network.
  • Identify problems and root causes with pod-level visibility into traffic spikes and trends, transit and transfer, and egress.
  • Quickly understand traffic down to the request and pod responding.
Troubleshooting Kubernetes networking with Kentik

List top users for Kubernetes services

  • List out the top traffic producers by object name or application.
  • Get a good picture of the network interaction within your microservices framework.
  • Identify applications that may be overloading the system, creating delays, or knocking deployments out of balance.
Understand top users of Kubernetes services with Kentik

Deploy easily

  • Deploy Kubernetes network observability using a lightweight eBPF agent installed on your Kubernetes cluster.
  • The agent sends data back to the Kentik SaaS platform, allowing you to query, graph, and alert on conditions in your data.
  • Kentik’s solution works alongside any other networking CNI that you use.
Kubernetes network observability made easy by Kentik

See your container networks in context

  • See your network’s big picture and put your Kubernetes clusters in context with the rest of your data centers, multi or hybrid clouds, and the internet.
  • Kentik gives you the big picture and shows you how everything relates.
  • See how traffic flows at the macro level and report important health conditions up to the highest level for complete visibility.

“Visibility into cloud-deployed Kubernetes clusters in Kentik is super clear and makes troubleshooting so much easier.”

Louis Bolanos Staff Cloud Network Engineer, Box
Troubleshooting Kubernetes Network Performance Issues with Kentik Kube
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