Kentik - Network Observability

Enterprise WAN Optimization

Optimize routing, security, and operations for today’s cloud-centric enterprise WAN.


Enterprise WAN Optimization: Kentik Map showing virtual WAN and VPN view with flow
Deep SD-WAN awareness

See your entire network in one view — from internet underlay to SD-WAN overlay to edge.

Cloud visibility

Interrogate connectivity between users, SaaS, cloud-based apps and network services, and the public internet.

Proactive monitoring

Optimize user experience and application delivery with global connectivity and performance testing.

Quickly answer any network performance question

  • When performance dips, easily query, visualize, and correlate diverse data from cloud, campus, and SD-WAN networks.
  • Quickly diagnose spotty connectivity and slow response times with insight into underlay and overlay interaction.
  • Understand application performance first-hand with synthetic tests.
Optimize WAN with WAN Performance Metrics in Kentik

Optimize application delivery with public internet insight

  • Understand how global internet weather impacts your applications.
  • Alert on connectivity to critical public resources such as public DNS servers and SaaS providers.
  • See beyond simple up/down metrics by testing for latency, jitter, and path changes in external service connections.
Optimize WAV Application Delivery

Catch user experience issues before customers do

  • Proactively monitor end-user experience with test agents that simulate user interactions with your critical applications.
  • Gather specific quality-of-service telemetry along with page load and transaction processing times to optimize each step in a digital transaction.
Optimize WAN Application Delivery with Kentik Synthetics - Office Page Load

Secure your data with commercial-grade tools

  • Protect against malware, phishing, DDoS, and APT threats with fine-grained alerts.
  • Validate SD-WAN policy to keep traffic links secure and compliant.
  • Keep routes safe from leaks with RKPI validation and analysis.
  • Monitor upstream providers to alert on BGP route hijacks.
Secure Enterprise WAN and Validate SD-WAN Security Policies

Tune the networks you own, and the networks you don’t

  • Negotiate powerfully and minimize downstream impact with expert visibility into service provider performance and the internet.
  • Get best-in-class routing and peering insights, and quickly understand if BGP connectivity is impacting performance.
  • Use CDN Analytics to ensure and enforce CDN performance.
Optimize and Ensure Service Provider and CDN Performance

“The visibility of being able to see your entire network and all of the trends happening across every device in your entire network, all at once, is huge.”

Mike Leis Senior Network Engineer, Zoom
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