Kentik - Network Observability

BGP Route Monitoring

Visualize, optimize, and secure BGP routing for better digital experiences.


Keep tabs on routes to and from your network

  • Monitor the health of your prefixes from thousands of vantage points.
  • Explore deep BGP visibility with end-to-end, dynamic AS path visualizations.
  • Track path changes, prefix reachability, and updates for your network.
  • See announcement and withdrawal events with a time series of event types by prefix.
BGP route viewer with AS path visualization

Prevent costly performance issues

  • Get real-time alerts on critical BGP activity that could affect network traffic, security, and performance.
  • Be notified of events that may impact subscribers and customers including path changes, route flaps, reachability issues, unexpected origins, RPKI invalids, route leaks and hijacks, and policy misconfigurations.
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BGP event alerts showing critical status

Enhance network security

  • Use real-time hijack and leak detection to safeguard your network from malicious activities and unauthorized traffic interception.
  • Receive alerts for unusual BGP behavior that may indicate a security threat, allowing for rapid response and mitigation.
  • Find and diagnose troublespots quicker and resolve BGP issues faster across your network and peering and transit providers.
Example of a BGP hijack

Optimize routing for better digital experiences

  • Confirm peering changes and analyze route changes along with their impact on network performance to optimize routing paths and reduce latency.
  • Identify and address sub-optimal routes to enhance overall network efficiency, performance, and cost.
BGP reachability and visibility - routes to monitored prefixes
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