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About Nina Bargisen

Nina Bargisen is Director of Technical Evangelism at Kentik, the network observability company. She has more than 20 years of experience as an active member of the global internet community. At Kentik, she focuses on supporting the company’s service provider users, drawing from her long experience as a peering coordinator and network planner/engineer. Nina has served on program committees and IXP boards, she is an active industry speaker, and she is co-chair of RIPE’s MAT Working Group. Prior to Kentik, Nina built the network for Subspace and played an instrumental role in securing the delivery of Netflix streaming traffic in EMEA and is expert in network observability for CDNs.

Unlocking the Power of Embedded CDNs: A Comprehensive Guide to Deployment Scenarios and Optimal Use Cases

April 20, 2023

This guide explores the benefits of embedded caching for ISPs and discusses deployment optimization strategies and future trends in CDN technology. Embedded CDNs help reduce network congestion, save costs, and improve user experiences. ISPs must carefully plan their deployment strategies by considering how each of the CDNs distributes content and directs end-users to the caches. They need to know both the CDNs and their network architecture in detail to build a successful solution.

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