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Network observability done right
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net•work ob•servʹa•bilʹi•ty
(n) 1. The ability to answer any question about your network.
Is the transit gateway the problem?
Why can’t these instances talk?
When will we be at capacity?
What are my egress costs?
What should I be performance testing?
Why is the traffic hair-pinning?
Can I control data transfer costs?
What’s driving our DNS latency?
Are we under attack?
Is the network the problem?

When you’re on the hook

for the network that powers your critical services, you need to answer some key questions. Like, “Is it the network?” Or, “Why are our data costs so high?” Or, “When will we be at capacity?” Or, “Are we being attacked?”

You need good answers. Full answers. With context. As quickly as possible.

Only Kentik gives you the answers you need. Here’s why.

See All Networks
See network data from the data center, edge, cloud, and internet. Wherever your traffic goes, we’ll suss it out.
Collect All Telemetry
Gather network, cloud, host, and container flow, internet routing, performance tests, and network metrics.
Query with Context
Enrich network data with information about infrastructure, apps, users, customers, geo, policies, routing – even the PeeringDB data set.
Get Insights
Get AI-driven insights. Seeing degrading performance, possible attacks, or traffic changes early can really save you.
Ask Anything
Ask any question, any which-a-way. Query, filter, drill, zoom, whatever. We’ll get you the answer, wicked fast.
Take Action
Make Kentik your go-to before you take action, whether to plan, run, or fix your network.

The time is now for network observability.

Networks are more diverse than ever. They’re more complex. Yet the success of your application or service is more dependent on them. And, of course, customers are less tolerant than ever of crummy experiences. The good news is you’re solving for this in your systems layer. Application layer. Heck, even the business management layer. Now it’s time for the network. It’s time for Kentik.

Network conversations

“To save time and costs and improve the performance of hybrid networks, there’s no need to retool if you use Kentik.”

Louis Bolanos, Staff Cloud Network Engineer

“The visibility of being able to see your entire network and all of the trends happening across every device in your entire network, all at once, is huge.”

Mike Leis, Senior Network Engineer

“I was able to find approximately $3 million in annual savings in just traffic engineering changes.”

Brad Raymo, Vice President of Network Strategy at StackPath

“The Kentik team consistently delivers clear answers and novel solutions.”

Adam Howsley, IT Manager

Go Kentik today!


Get network observability from Kentik.

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