Kentik - Network Observability

The Peering and Interconnection Handbook

2024 Edition

This essential guide to the foundations of the peering trade is back and better than ever. We’ve updated this vital handbook with even more critical methods, tips, and tricks to help you connect your IP network to the rest of the internet.

The Peering and Interconnection Handbook - 2024 Edition

Whether you’re a peering manager or coordinator, work with interconnection and edge strategy, work for a service provider (ISP, CDN, telco, carrier), or enterprise and want to understand what it takes to optimize your traffic over the edge, this handbook is for you. You’ll also discover how Kentik plays a pivotal role in easing peering coordinator responsibilities.

This technical guide will teach you the critical functions of optimizing your edge. Learn how to understand your interconnection-related costs, determine which networks to seek peer with, and which transit providers are the best fit.

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  • Understand the economics of peering
  • Analyze the performance and quality of peering relationships
  • Manage peering relationships
  • Select the right transit provider
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