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Network Insight is Essential for Communications Service Consumers

October 23, 2018

Real-time network data insights are not only important to the service provider. In this post, we discuss why service providers’ end-customers, who consume those services — subscribers, digital enterprise, hosting customers, etc., also need visibility.

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Kentik Invests in European Market Expansion

October 16, 2018

Kentik is growing! Today we marked our permanent landing in Europe. Kentik’s SaaS solution has already been embraced by dozens of organizations across the European continent — and our new presence will support even more organizations who deliver or depend on routed networks and the Internet as an essential part of their operations and business.

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Visualizing Traffic Exit Points in Complex Networks

September 19, 2018

Relentless traffic growth and a constant stream of new technologies, e.g. SDN and cloud interconnects, make it harder to understand how services traverse the network between application infrastructure and users or customers. In this post, we discuss how that led Kentik to build our BGP Ultimate Exit to help address traffic visibility challenges.

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NetFlow vs. sFlow

September 11, 2018

NetFlow vs sFlow: Which is better? In many cases, the choice is not up to the user because most networking gear supports only one or the other. In this post we look at the difference between the two and how network operators can support all of the flow protocols that their networks generate.

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Empower Your Customers with Self-Service Analytics

September 05, 2018

Service assurance and incident response are just one side of the network performance coin. What if you could use the same data to provide additional value to customers, and highlight the great service you provide? Today we announced the “My Kentik” portal to do just that. Read the details in this post.

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The State of Network Management in 2018

August 23, 2018

With increased business reliance on internet connectivity, the network world has and will continue to get increasingly complex. In this post, we dig into the key findings from our new “State of Network Management in 2018” report. We also discuss why we’re just in the early stages of how our industry will need to transform.

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Service Assurance Starts with Network Analytics

August 10, 2018

Managing quality of service and service-level agreement (SLAs) is becoming more complex for service providers. In this post, we look at how and why enterprise cloud services and application usage is driving service providers to rethink service assurance metrics. We also discuss why network-based analytics is critical to satisfying service assurance needs.

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Kentik for Google Cloud VPC Flow Logs

July 24, 2018

VPC Flow Logs Blog Post: The migration of applications from traditional data centers to cloud infrastructure is well underway. In this post, we discuss Kentik’s new product expansion to support Google’s VPC Flow Logs.

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The Evolving NetFlow Product Landscape

July 20, 2018

NetFlow offers a great way to preserve highly useful traffic analysis and troubleshooting details without needing to perform full packet capture. In this post, we look at how NetFlow monitoring solutions quickly evolved as commercialized product offerings and discuss how cloud and big data improve NetFlow analysis.

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The Launch of Kentik’s First Open Source Project: Mobx Form

July 16, 2018

We just published our first open source project on GitHub and npm. Called Mobx Form, in this blog post we look at how the project helps developers with coding complex forms.

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