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Telecoms Take On Network Analytics & Visibility

June 12, 2017

Telecom and mobile operators are clear on both the need and the opportunity to apply big data for advanced operational analytics. But when it comes to being data driven, many telecoms are still a work in progress. In this post we look at the state of this transformation, and how cloud-aware big data solutions enable telecoms to escape the constraints of legacy appliance-based network analytics.

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News in Networking: Security-Defined Networking, SD-WAN, and Container Strategies

June 07, 2017

The meaning of SDN changed. That is, if you’re working in Cisco’s Security Business. It means “security-defined networking,” which is where they’re focusing. SD-WAN is still hogging the spotlight, but CenturyLink says it’s “no quick fix.” Meanwhile, containers are a big part of AT&T’s network strategy. “Not everything is suited for virtual machines,” said AT&T’s CTO. More after the jump…

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Network Visibility for Higher Education IT

June 06, 2017

In higher education, embracing the cloud enhances your ability to achieve successful outcomes for students, researchers, and the organization as a whole. But just as in business, this digital transformation can succeed only if it’s anchored by modern network visibility. In this post we look at the network as more than mere plumbing, identifying how big data network intelligence helps realize high-priority educational goals.

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News in Networking: Meeker’s Internet Trends, SD-WAN Adoption, and OS Networking

May 31, 2017

In headlines this week, investor Mary Meeker released her annual “Internet Trends” report, which includes internet growth across regions. SD-WAN is not top-of-mind for IT professionals, according to a new survey. And open source networking tools may be getting better, but there’s still a lot of challenges with them. More after the jump…

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Consolidated Tools Improve Network Management

May 31, 2017

Stuck with piles of siloed tools, today’s network teams struggle to piece together both the big picture and the actionable insights buried in inconsistent UIs and fragmented datasets. The result is subpar performance for both networks and network teams. In this post we look at the true cost of legacy tools, and how Kentik Detect frees you from this obsolete paradigm with a unified, scalable, real-time solution built on the power of big data.

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News in Networking: Open Data Centers, Internet 911, and $138.5B for Data

May 24, 2017

This week in networking news, GE and HPE are just two of the companies pushing for open data center designs via a new nonprofit. Meanwhile, researchers are pushing for a way for first responders to have faster internet access. And 451 Research is forecasting the data platforms and analytics market will reach $138.5 billion by 2021. More after the jump…

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Network Traffic Intelligence for ISPs

May 23, 2017

Large or small, all ISPs share the imperative to stay competitive and profitable. To do that in today’s environment, they need traffic visibility they can’t get from legacy network tools. Taking their lead from the world’s most-successful web-scale enterprises, ISPs have much to gain from big data network and business intelligence, so in this post we look at ISP use cases and how Kentik Detect’s SaaS model puts key capabilities within easy reach.

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News in Networking: Australia Internet Woes, VMware’s Deal, and NFV at BCE

May 17, 2017

This week we learned Australia invested $36B to modernize broadband. But it’s not working, according to NY Times, which reports on the country’s crawling internet speeds. Also happening this week, VMware swooped up mobile app intelligence startup Apteligent for more analytics capabilities. Meanwhile, over in Austin, the annual BCE is taking place. That’s where BT talked NFV challenges. More after the jump…

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SDN and Self-Driving Networks

May 15, 2017

SDN holds lots of promise, but it’s practical applications have so far been limited to discrete use cases like customer provisioning or service scaling. The long-term goal is true dynamic control, but that requires comprehensive traffic intelligence in real time at full scale. As our customers are discovering, Kentik Detect’s traffic visibility, anomaly detection, and extensive APIs make it an ideal source for actionable traffic data that can drive network automation.

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News in Networking: ISPs, NFVs, and a SpaceX-based Internet

May 10, 2017

Following reports of a Russian BGP hijacking last week, in the headlines this week is new research to suggest a similar hijacking incident could take down bitcoin’s ecosystem. Meanwhile, Light Reading is talking network functions virtualization (NFV) and how network operators can face relevant challenges with it. SpaceX also makes our highlights, with news of more than 4,000 internet satellites it plans to launch. Read about these stories and more after the jump…

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