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Kentik and IBM Cloud Partner to Provide Network Observability to IBM Cloud Customers

January 20, 2021

Cloud networking is a cinch when you see your VPC traffic.

Ingest VPC flow logs and combine with your other network data in Kentik

Managing your IBM Cloud network fabric is now much easier with the Kentik Network Observability Cloud. With Kentik, organizations can easily ingest IBM VPC flow logs, visualize inter- and intra-VPC traffic, click on a map to drill into traffic data all the way down to an instance’s vNIC (virtual network interface card), be alerted to anomalies, and troubleshoot complex issues with a powerful yet user-friendly query engine. IBM Cloud flow logs are part of Kentik’s single, comprehensive view of all network traffic data across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Visualize your VPC architecture, drill into flow logs to discover costly traffic or hidden dependencies

Beyond giving you a comprehensive view of your cloud network traffic, here are some examples of how customers are using Kentik with IBM Cloud flow logs.

Be proactively notified and instantly find the root cause behind traffic spikes

Kentik Insights engine alerts you when traffic spikes exceed normal thresholds in your IBM Cloud environment, and can automatically find the most likely cause so you can get it resolved fast. Whether it’s a service for your employees or an app serving your customers, you can quickly and proactively address issues before they affect the digital experience.

Set up automated alerts when a threshold is reached or exceeded

Inform, collaborate and reduce MTTR with pre-built dashboards

Kentik’s dashboards allow you to pivot your data over hundreds of useful dimensions, so you can see and share patterns quickly with colleagues. Modify our preset dashboards to your liking and instantly drill-in using the Data Explorer to ask any question you can think of, from troubleshooting to planning your future IBM Cloud deployments.

Customize your view depending on what data you’d like to see

Detect threats and find infected hosts in IBM Cloud

Kentik constantly monitors your IBM Cloud network activity to find any traffic to known botnets or internet threats and warns you with alerts. Kentik’s AI-based Insights engine gives you full analytics on DDoS attacks and botnet communications, so can understand the impact, identify infected hosts or attack sources, and take the necessary steps to remediate.

Identify threats and remediate quickly

Getting started with Kentik and IBM VPC flow logs

It is easy to get started with Kentik and IBM Cloud:

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