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Posts by Ken Osowski, Independent Industry Consultant

The Importance of Network Security & Planning in Educational Institutions

By Ken Osowski, Independent Industry Consultant | Mar 19, 2018
Network Management

College, university and K-12 networking and IT teams who manage and monitor campus networks are faced with big challenges today. In this post, we take a deeper look at the challenges and provide requirements for a cost-effective network monitoring solution.

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The Future of DDoS Protection in an IoT World

By Ken Osowski, Independent Industry Consultant | Feb 22, 2018
DDoS Protection

IoT represents a massive threat to network infrastructure, as seen in widely publicized IoT-based DDoS attacks like Mirai. So what needs to happen to safeguard our devices and networks from participating in these botnet attacks? And how can IoT device originated attacks get quickly identified and stopped by network operators? In this post, we discuss scalable IoT DDoS protection.

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How IoT Drives the Need for Network Management Tools

By Ken Osowski, Independent Industry Consultant | Jan 3, 2018
Network Management

As IoT adoption continues, enterprises are finding a massive increase in the number of devices and the data volumes generated by these devices on their networks. Here’s how enterprises can use network monitoring tools for enhanced visibility into complex networks.

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DIY: The Hidden Risks of Open Source Network Flow Analyzers

By Ken Osowski, Independent Industry Consultant | Dec 12, 2017
NetFlow Analysis

Advances in open source software packages for big data have made Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approaches to Network Flow Analyzers attractive. However, careful analysis of all the pros and cons needs to be completed before jumping in. In this post, we look at the hidden pitfalls and costs of the DIY approach.

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