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Maxing Out Network Content Delivery: Baldur’s Gate 3 Case Study

October 15, 2020

Greg Villain, our director of product management and self-described die-hard gamer dives into the early access launch of Baldur’s Gate 3. He takes a look from a content delivery perspective to determine if this is a good precursor for the future traffic event when the game releases in 2021.

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Capacity Planning Done Right

May 28, 2020

Network capacity planning traditionally required a user to collect data from several tools, export all of the data, and then analyze it in a spreadsheet or database. In this post, we highlight Kentik’s latest platform capabilities to help understand, manage and automate capacity planning.

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Why Network Capacity was Critical for the NFL Draft – And Will Be for Other Sporting Events to Come

May 5, 2020

The NFL Draft created a network traffic spike and set an example for other sports leagues considering entirely-online drafts. In this post, we show Kentik’s view of network traffic from the draft and compare it to traffic seen from the Super Bowl. We also discuss why the data shows network capacity is critical for new normals.

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Kentik Virtual Panel Series, Part 2: How Akamai, Uber and Verizon Media Are Supporting Remote Work and Digital Experience

April 22, 2020

If you missed Akamai, Uber and Verizon Media talking about networking during COVID-19, read our recap of Kentik’s recent virtual panel. In this post, we share details from the conversation, including observed spikes in traffic growth, network capacity challenges, BC/DR plans, the internet infrastructure supply chain, and more.

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A Critical Piece of Your SD-WAN Visibility

April 15, 2020

SD-WAN promises to boost agility, security, performance, and management and operations. However, without effective network visibility, the path to a successful deployment is difficult to achieve. In this post, we provide considerations for solving SD-WAN visibility challenges.

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UPDATED 3/26/20: Trends in Network Traffic in Correlation with COVID-19

March 26, 2020

At Kentik, we’re always interested in monitoring trends in network traffic. This helps to inform our community and customers globally about potential opportunities and threats to network operations. In this ongoing blog post, we’ll provide updates to trends in traffic in correlation with COVID-19.

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