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Posts by Dan Ellis, CTO

Introducing BGP Peering Analytics in Kentik Detect

By Dan Ellis, CTO | Jan 26, 2016
Company, Peering Analytics, Technology

By mapping customer traffic merged with topology and BGP data, Kentik Detect now provides a way to visualize traffic flow across across your network, through the Internet, and to a destination. This new Peering Analytics feature will primarily be used to determine who to peer (interconnect) with. But as you’ll see, Peering Analytics has use cases far beyond peering.

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20 Years of Flying Blind

By Dan Ellis, CTO | Jun 30, 2015
Kentik Inc, Network Management

It was 1994 and I was running one of the first multi-city ISPs in the country. We were one of SprintLink’s first BGP customers, and we had dozens of Cisco and Wellfleet routers. What we didn’t have was a way to answer any of the many urgent network utilization questions we faced every day: Where […]

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