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Kentik True Origin™

Broadband providers like MSOs, telcos, mobile carriers, and ISPs feel increasingly squeezed today. On one side, providers face continuous costly infrastructure investment, driven by relentless traffic growth. On the other side are revenue threats from third-party over-the-top (OTT) services who compete with in-house offerings and profit from the very same traffic that’s driving up costs. Understanding and managing these dynamics are huge challenges that providers must meet to ensure the next phase of their success.

Fortunately, network traffic also provides the key to ensuring that success. By leveraging real-time telemetry from network equipment that’s already in place, operators can get key insights about cost, competition, and subscriber behavior. With Kentik True Origin, Kentik’s modern analytics platform transcends past approaches like DPI, monitoring appliances, and data lakes to deliver a deep, detailed picture of traffic associated with CDNs, OTT services, and subscribers.

Kentik True Origin Use Cases

CDN Tracking


  • CDNs deliver traffic from an ever-changing mix of infrastructure: their own ASNs, caches in other networks, and caches co-located inside your own network. It’s impossible to get a unified view of all the traffic from each CDN.

The Kentik Solution

  • Automatically discover cache IPs for each CDN from the DNS query / response stream and tag network traffic with CDN labels in real time.


  • Optimize CDN traffic delivery and performance for subscribers.
  • Enable data-driven negotiation with CDN operators.
  • Find and fix CDN traffic origin misconfigurations.

OTT Service Analytics


  • On its own, network data doesn’t reveal the OTT details business owners really need: service names, provider names and traffic types (video, audio, application, etc.)

The Kentik Solution

  • Merge traffic details with DNS data and Kentik’s in-house map of providers and services to label traffic with OTT context in real-time.


  • Instantly identify and visualize OTT applications on your network.
  • Understand the real drivers of traffic growth.
  • Evaluate the competitiveness of in-house service offerings.
  • Provide human-readable usage details to customer service agents or subscribers.

Subscriber ID


  • Network traffic alone doesn’t uniquely identify subscribers.
  • Subscriber-to-IP associations change frequently.

The Kentik Solution

  • Merge traffic data with authentication logs (like RADIUS or DHCP) to tag each traffic record with a unique subscriber ID like username or MAC address.


  • Find abusers and enforce caps or fair-use policies.
  • Improve packaging and pricing by arming product teams with OTT usage trends across subscriber segments.
  • Improve customer service outcomes by informing subscribers of application usage that’s leading to poor service quality or plan overages.


Network traffic intelligence provides key insights that service providers need to plan and grow their networks — and their businesses. Kentik True Origin enables operators to fully understand how CDNs, OTT services, and subscriber behavior affect cost, revenue, and the network as a whole.

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  • Understand the real drivers of network traffic growth
  • Avoid the cost and complexity of DPI-based solutions
  • Make data-driven decisions to minimize network CAPEX and OPEX
  • Trend and segment OTT applications and proactively detect new competitors
  • Increase revenue by arming product teams with OTT usage trends across subscriber segments
  • Improve customer service outcomes with detailed per-subscriber network utilization details
  • Intelligently locate abusers and enforce caps or fair-use policies
  • Find and fix CDN traffic origin misconfigurations to optimize subscriber experience
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