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StackPath Saves $3 Million by Optimizing Network Performance with Kentik


StackPath is a cloud computing platform at the edge of the internet that provides infrastructure as a service and cloud services that are physically closer than hyper-scale cloud platforms are to the sources and destinations of data. This empowers developers and enterprises to innovate and achieve competitive advantages for applications that prioritize low latency and decentralization.

The company’s growth strategy has included acquisition, including the integration of the platforms and technologies of MaxCDN, Highwinds, Fireblade, Cloak, Server Density, and Staminus. Among their platform offerings are StackPath Edge Compute (including virtual machines and containers), Edge Delivery (including CDN and serverless scripting), and Edge Security (including WAF). These solutions run in edge locations strategically deployed in high-density markets and united by a secure global network and a single management system. They serve telecom, internet, cloud services, security, and gaming industries and have been a Kentik customer since 2015.

Kentik spoke with Brad Raymo, vice president of network strategy at StackPath, who drives the company’s network expansion initiatives, manages peering relationships, and optimizes network spend. His role involves making critical decisions to enhance network performance, reduce costs, and support the company’s growth.

The challenge

Before adopting Kentik, StackPath faced several challenges in managing its network infrastructure effectively. The company needed a solution that could provide deep insights into network traffic patterns, help plan capacity requirements, identify areas for optimization, and support strategic decision-making.

The lack of granular visibility into network performance had a significant impact on StackPath’s business and ability to integrate with newly acquired networks. Without accurate data and analytics, it was challenging to identify bottlenecks, optimize traffic flows, and make informed decisions about peering arrangements. The company relied on manual processes and disparate tools, which were time-consuming and often produced incomplete or unreliable results.

Without a comprehensive network observability platform, StackPath realized that they wouldn’t be able to efficiently consolidate these newly acquired networks. They quickly recognized that achieving their goals required a solution that could deliver real-time and historical network data, provide actionable insights, and support network planning and optimization.

Why Kentik?

StackPath chose Kentik as its network observability solution due to its ability to provide comprehensive and user-friendly network analytics. Kentik offered a range of features and functionalities that perfectly aligned with StackPath’s requirements. The decision to select Kentik was based on its reputation as a trusted and reliable network analytics platform and the deep experience Kentik has with servicing the needs of the world’s largest networks.

“I was able to find approximately $3 million in annual savings in just traffic engineering changes.”
—Brad Raymo, Vice President of Network Strategy at StackPath

Kentik’s Data Explorer quickly became essential for the network team’s daily operations. Data Explorer provides valuable insights into network traffic, enabling StackPath to make data-driven decisions.

The Kentik Peering and Interconnection service enables StackPath to optimize their edge, understand how they exchange traffic with other networks, and ultimately establish the most effective peering and interconnection agreements.

Capacity planning gives StackPath an immediate picture of the capacity and status of devices in their network. They can see which devices are nearing capacity and monitor the status of devices against utilization and runout targets. Tracking their connectivity costs is easy in Kentik. The StackPath team can understand the drivers of network spend, as well as audit and reconcile bills from third-parties.

The ability to easily visualize and analyze network data in real-time empowered StackPath to identify opportunities for improving network performance and reducing costs.


The adoption of Kentik yielded significant results for StackPath, helping the company address its network challenges and achieve a substantial return on investment.

“When I joined the company, I did a full deep dive into how the traffic was flowing and where I could find cost and performance improvements. In my first months, I was able to find approximately $3 million in annual savings in just traffic engineering changes. This would not have been possible without the analysis and insights provided by the Kentik platform.”

Kentik’s network analytics capabilities enabled StackPath to optimize its network planning by providing real-time and historical data. This data-driven approach allowed the company to make informed decisions about traffic engineering, resulting in annual savings of approximately $3 million. These savings were achieved through improved peering and interconnection arrangements and network infrastructure efficiencies. Along with savings, StackPath was able to make targeted changes that improved performance by reducing latency. All was made possible by the valuable insights gathered from Kentik.

“Kentik gives us the data and analysis we need to drive our network planning and support our network investment decisions.”

Kentik also played a crucial role in supporting the integration of the networks StackPath has acquired. By providing comprehensive visibility into network performance and traffic patterns, the Kentik platform facilitated the seamless merging of acquired networks, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted service for customers. Kentik was also invaluable in identifying redundancies and other cost savings when merging networks. StackPath is also more than satisfied with the support they get from Kentik. StackPath has a direct relationship with the Kentik product team as well as their Kentik customer success team, who are always available and responsive.

“The service provided by Kentik is fantastic! In the rare instances when an issue presents itself, the Kentik team jumps on it without delay. When I have had feature requests, the team takes the time to listen and respond with its feasibility quickly and if/when it can be implemented.”

Kentik recently integrated the PeeringDB data set, a feature that StackPath strongly supported. “The integration of the PeeringDB dataset is a game changer for peering optimization. Now I have all the information I need to evaluate peering decisions in the one service,” said Raymo.


The benefits derived from Kentik’s platform were realized almost immediately after its implementation. Brad Raymo recognized the value of Kentik’s data and analytics from the moment he joined the company. Gaining deep insights into network performance and traffic flows empowered StackPath to make critical decisions confidently and strategically. The final words are best left to Brad:

“Honestly, my experience with Kentik has been nothing short of amazing. From the account management team, and development teams to the product team. Every interaction has been amazing! I would recommend any network operations team to get Kentik. The ROI is amazing! The information that you are able to gather is invaluable.”



  • Edge computing


  • Lacking granular visibility into network performance
  • Inability to integrate newly acquired networks
  • Time-consuming manual processes and disparate tools


  • StackPath chose Kentik as its network observability solution due to comprehensive and user-friendly network analytics capabilities. Kentik’s tailored workflows quickly solve network planning and optimization challenges.


  • Annual savings of $3 million
  • Improved peering and interconnection arrangements
  • Efficient network infrastructure
  • Data-driven decisions enabled by detailed network traffic
  • Optimized network performance.
  • Seamless and controlled integration of acquired networks with comprehensive visibility
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