Kentik - Network Observability

Capacity Planning

Plan ahead. Avoid traffic jams.

Get a clear and immediate picture of the capacity status of your network. Get hard data on network utilization and performance to support decision-making and budget justification. Easily export reports.

Given the sheer scale and complexity of our network, planning used to take days.
With Kentik, we get the data we need in seconds.


Use Case Details

Configure Capacity Plan

Group interfaces into meaningful groups for quick reference. Add interfaces to static or dynamic groups. Easily add or remove interfaces.

Configure Capacity Plan

Monitor Utilization

Quickly view the status of each interface according to the parameters you set. Explore trend data so you can keep tabs on how actual network and interface utilization is tracking. Monitor status against the utilization and runout targets that you set within your plan. No need to compare charts and graphs with your notes.

Monitor Utilization
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Netskope Peers Deeply into its Network with Kentik
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Capacity Planning Done Right
How Zoom Uses Kentik for Network Visibility & Performance

Create Data-driven Reports

Inform your organization with clearly presented data to drive decisions and budgets. See provider traffic and cost trends. Create PDF, CSV or email reports to bring your team members up to speed.

Create Data-driven Reports

Analyze Costs

Stay on top of costs and cost data for your organization. Understand the drivers of overall network spend. True-up provider invoices and discover billing errors. Eliminate surprises with automatic cost forecasts. Create reports to inform and plan for your organization without spreadsheets or manual data entry.

Analyze Costs
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