Kentik - Network Observability

Peering & Interconnection

Plan and optimize your edge and beyond.

Optimize your edge. Find peers and interconnect efficiently. See neighboring networks, understand how you exchange traffic, and who you need to connect to.

Kentik has the best feature functionality on the market and has substantially reduced our MTTR for customer, peering, and transit-related issues. It’s rare to be able to leverage one product for value in so many different and useful ways across the organization, but with Kentik, we’ve been able to do just that.


Use Case Details

Data-driven Peering

Find peering targets and understand the impact to connectivity. Optimize cost and improve performance by peering more efficiently. Evaluate potential peering partners, measure traffic ratios and build data-driven business cases to support interconnection discussions. Take a data-driven approach to enforcing peering agreements.

Data-driven Peering

Optimize Cost

Get provider costs applied to your network traffic volume automatically and monitor your monthly spending. Break it down by provider, connectivity type, or sites to track and optimize your cost per Mbps. Efficiently consolidate invoices and instrument contract negotiations.

Optimize network costs with Kentik
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Understand Traffic Drivers

Master your digital supply chain by knowing the real drivers behind traffic growth. Use Kentik’s True Origin service to label traffic automatically, without requiring expensive DPI to identify CDNs, OTT applications, and service types. Find and fix CDN traffic origin misconfigurations. Trend OTT service growth and proactively detect new services.

Understand Traffic Drivers

Plan Capacity

Find the ASNs or prefixes that contribute the most to interface utilization. Mitigate interface congestion with routing policies to move top contributors to a different path. Head off capacity crises by projecting trends and planning ahead. Ensure that traffic delivery conforms to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Plan Capacity
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