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The Recap: Kentik at Networking Field Day 19

Michelle Kincaid



During Networking Field Day 19, Kentik presented on new capabilities for service providers, cloud and cloud-native environments, and gave a technical talk on tagging and data enrichment. In this post, we recap the event highlights and provide the videos for watching and sharing.

On Friday we presented at Networking Field Day 19. This is an event we love because, well, NFD delegate Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers summarized it nicely:

Ethan Banks Tweet

So What’s New at Kentik?

Watch the segment

Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman kicked off NFD 19 with his take on how networks are changing. He said it’s largely due to:

  • Multiple architectures
  • Increased traffic volume and complexity
  • Ephemeral API-driven loads
  • Increasing workflow automation
  • Varied security threats

Avi then got into why traditional network monitoring breaks when trying to solve for the above network changes due to lack of scale, lack of context, etc., etc. That’s why Kentik continues to innovate on our network analytics platform to support the needs of network and operations teams in real time. As part of that, Avi gave an update on what we’ve been working on since our last NFD. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new:

New Functionality

Kentik for Service Providers

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We’ve also continued to innovate on our network analytics capabilities for service providers. With the network changes (mentioned above), service providers are being squeezed from all sides to maintain cost control amidst growing network load, push for commoditization for revenue generation, and hold off the competition.

Kentik’s Head of Product Marketing Jim Meehan talked to the NFD crowd about how we’re aiming to help service providers address those ever-increasing pressures. Jim showed off a few key developments including OTT Service Tracking, CDN Attribution, Subscriber Tracking, and the new My Kentik portal. What were the key takeaways?

CDN Attribution from Kentik helps with analyzing and tracking data. From NFD delegate Kevin Blackburn:

Tween from Kevin Blackburn

Our ability to match DNS requests with flows in real time is also a bonus for service providers needing faster, clearer visibility. From NFD delegate Al Rasheed:

Al Rasheed Tweet

The My Kentik portal, our self-service analytics for internal and downstream customers was also dubbed “really cool.” From industry peer and NFD live stream viewer Jeff Palmer:

Tweek from Jim Palmer

Tech Talk on Tagging & Enrichment

Watch the segment

In a technical talk during the event, Avi discussed how our platform goes beyond the basics to help enterprises and service providers contextualize network data for enrichment. He also talked about how to gain insights from network traffic through tagging. And yes, Avi did nerd out with a flux capacitor featured during this talk:

Flux Capacitor

Kentik for Cloud & Cloud-Native

Watch the segment

Kentik for Cloud and Cloud Native was a big part of NFD 19 for us. That’s because performance, security, and cost management challenges don’t go away when you move to the cloud. During this NFD segment, delegate Ethan Banks tweeted:

Ethan Banks Tweet

Jim and Kentik peer Crystal Li, senior product marketing manager showed how maintaining visibility into cloud and across hybrid environments can be made easier with Kentik and our support for VPC Flow Logs. We outlined our Google Cloud and Amazon AWS developments in this session, too.

Multi-cloud architecture

What’s Next for Kentik

Watch the segment

Avi closed NFD 19 with a look at Kentik’s roadmap. But before that, he got into our “negative roadmap.” That is, all of the features we won’t be focused on anytime soon — from generic BI, to SIEM, to APM. Kentik’s road ahead does, however, include innovation around metrics, streaming telemetry, segmentation, orchestration integration, and edge computing. Be sure to check it out. And if you’re left wanting to see more, sign up for a scheduled demo or log on now to trial our platform for yourself.

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