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My Kentik

Self-service Analytics for Customers

Whether you’re a communications service provider (CSP) or large enterprise, internal and external customers are always clamoring for detailed information about what’s happening on the network. Basic instrumentation like interface bandwidth graphs are both too broad — overwhelming the customer with a lot of data that’s not relevant to them — and not detailed enough because they don’t break down applications, IPs, locations and other business context. And pulling ad hoc reports for customers on demand doesn’t scale.

My Kentik is a built-in feature of the Kentik platform that enables curated, self-service network traffic visibility for downstream customers. Master tenants (CSPs or enterprises) can create custom, branded per-customer content, derived from the traffic data Kentik is already collecting, and filtered to each customer’s own slice of the data. By providing this data directly to end customers, CSPs and enterprises can reduce the support and billing caseload, upsell visibility features, and increase product or service stickiness.

My Kentik

Use Cases

DDoS Protection And Mitigation


Alert and traffic details view for each customer

Peering And Interconnection

Peering Exchange

MAC or ASN traffic matrix, peering opportunity view for each exchange participant

Transit Provider

Transit Provider

Port(s) utilization, geo, ASN, traffic type breakdown, billing verification & dispute resolution for each transit customer

Web Hosting


Per-host utilization, traffic type & ASN breakdown, on / off-net breakdown for each hosting customer



Traffic utilization, on / off-net, per cloud & SaaS provider breakdown, cost allocation or billback for each department

Data Center

Data Center

Self-service views for each app team, producer / consumer matrix, top talker visibility, network impact awareness



  • Present filtered, customized views to customers, subscribers, or internal departments.
  • Customers see only their own data.
  • Built in to the Kentik platform; derived from your existing network data.
  • Branded experience with your logo and custom login URL.


  • Enable self-service network traffic visibility and troubleshooting.
  • Reduce support and billing caseload.
  • Upsell traffic visibility feature set for incremental revenue.
  • Increase product and service stickiness with added value.
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