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Hybrid Cloud and the Network Observability Gap

Overcome the Observability Gap When Managing Hybrid Cloud Networks

Organizations are adopting cloud in a big way. Some went whole hog right away, but most took a hybrid approach for security, compliance, or just to move more cautiously.

No matter the reason, hybrid clouds can leave network pros a little, well, foggy. No longer can you see, fix, and run your network across your data center, private clouds, public clouds, and SaaS. Ai ai ai!

Never fear! Read this short white paper on how to achieve network observability nirvana in your hybrid cloud. You’ll learn:

  • Top hybrid network observability pitfalls and their impact
  • How migrating data to or from cloud can complicate matters
  • Why it’s critical to measure traffic and performance across hybrid networks
  • How the Kentik Hybrid Map can help you cut through the fog

The widespread use of hybrid cloud infrastructures creates significant challenges for network and infrastructure teams. What’s needed is a comprehensive, integrated platform that provides visibility across public/private clouds, on-prem networks, SaaS apps, and other critical workloads as a means of delivering compelling, actionable intelligence. Get the whitepaper to learn more.

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