Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Network Business Analytics

See trends. Find revenue opportunities. Manage service quality.

Identify new service offerings and revenue opportunities. Track your digital supply chain. Analyze and improve subscriber service quality.


Today, the network is more complex – and more critical – than ever. Being able to respond faster to our customers’ needs and guide them through new opportunities is paramount. The level of insights provided in the new Kentik Synthetic Monitoring solution makes our responsiveness possible.

Use Case Details

Understand Digital Delivery

Understand traffic contributors and consumers across your network by content and content providers. Look for prospects and identify opportunities to create new services and generate new revenue sources.

Optimize Cost and Performance

Determine connectivity mix on- and off-net for each CDN handing traffic over to your network. Benchmark CDNs in detail to optimize for subscriber performance and cost. Generate supporting data for each CDN handing traffic over to your network with clear and detailed reports.

Case Study
Global Tier-1 GTT Enhances Visibility, Security, and Profit with Kentik
Superloop Connects APAC to the World with Network Insights from Kentik
Case Study
GoDaddy Goes Big with Kentik to Optimize Its Global Network

Grow Subscriber Revenue

Analyze subscribers for insights that grow revenue. See granular consumption patterns across your subscriber base and apply metrics to track patterns by OTT service or market segment. Optimize timing of your upgrade programs or promotions. Troubleshoot and instrument zero-rating programs across subscribers and content provider partners.

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