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KMI Solution Brief

Navigate the global internet ecosystem with Kentik Market Intelligence

KMI spells out the internet ecosystem

What is KMI?

Kentik Market Intelligence (KMI) is a new Kentik offering that explores and navigates the global routing table. By classifying AS relationships into peering and transit, users can identify the providers, peers, and customers for any AS in any geography.

Additionally, KMI produces rankings based on the volume of IP space transited by ASes in different geographies. Using tables and charts, KMI offers a global view of the internet out-of- the-box without any configuration or setup.


Until now, understanding how ASes interconnect relied on a mix of oral tradition and manual analysis of large amounts of BGP data. As a consequence, no commercially available platform exists to support critical activities such as:

  • Selecting the best upstream provider in any locale based on objective criteria
  • Benchmarking ASes against each other based on interconnection to eyeballs or content providers
  • Supporting IP transit sales prospecting and interconnection KPIs

With Kentik Market Intelligence, this gap is now bridged. Without any need for complex configuration nor raw data exploration, KMI gives you immediate access to an easily explorable dataset of ASes that allows comparison by geography.

By processing hundreds of millions of BGP routing announcements every day, KMI calculates relative sizes of the customer base of each AS in various geographies. Based on transited IP address counts, these cone sizes are used to provide current and historical rankings of the transit providers for any country and region.

“The combination of the Kentik Network Observability Cloud and Kentik Market Intelligence has tremendously advanced our observability efforts and helped us add to our competitive edge.”
— Rafael Castell, Head of Product Marketing, Telxius | Case Study

Benchmark your own network in any geography

Kentik Market Intelligence is the reliable, neutral, and objective tool for product and marketing teams to market the connectivity advantages of their networks in all areas where they excel: no more placeholder PoP to PoP latency tables serving as the default collateral for IP transit capacity!

Zoom in from regional rankings into specific ASes – KMI always displays comparative data to your AS. You can always know how well your network stacks up against others and tracks its progression.

Efficient sales prospecting

Sales prospecting used to rely heavily on parsing routing registry records and word-of-mouth. Kentik Market Intelligence reveals sales opportunities by listing the transit relationships powering the internet in a target market.

For example, you can discover new prospects by analyzing the current customers of wholesale or backbone operators that provide service in a particular market. Additionally, KMI will mark ASes that are critically dependent on a single upstream provider (i.e., single-homed) as well as which ASes are presently classified as customers of your AS (i.e., mutual).

Get notified of changes that are important to you

KMI Insights bring the market dynamics that are of most interest to you into focus. KMI identifies insights and contextualizes them in the KMI interfaceUI, coloring them with the networks involved and the market they are observed in.

Sample insights can be: <this provider> added <this transit customer> within <this geography> for instance, or any network adding new providers, as well as rank changes and changes in routing announcements between two networks. You can configure your personal insights using the selections below:

Alerts based on markets and networks
Configure alerts based on the markets, change magnitude, and networks that interest you.

Kentik Service Provider Analytics customers now get a Top Insights panel to bring their attention to market dynamics that they are most interested in.

Market dynamics for service providers
The Top Insights panel can be configured to include or exclude specific types of insights, or to extend the period covered by the insights

A data-driven approach to network expansion and interconnection

Kentik Market Intelligence removes the guesswork in planning discussions around extending the reach of the network. Now the top retail, wholesale, or backbone providers are known in any country, region, or continent.

Interconnection managers can make better decisions based on data they did not have easy access to previously – the providers, peers, and customers of any AS at a glance.

Ranking of Ases in the global market
Quickly assess the rankings of ASes in the market of interest. View rankings by customer types and by peering.
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Key benefits

  • Understand the relationship for any AS in any country in the world.
  • Be notified of any relationship changes involving any AS or market of interest.
  • Identify sales opportunities by enumerating customers in a target market.
  • Track your competitors’ customers and highlight any single-homed ASes.
  • Track AS rankings in any geography based on objective routing data.
  • Understand how your AS compares to other providers in selected geographies.
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