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Kentik Market Intelligence just increased its IQ — introducing KMI Insights!

Greg Villain
Greg VillainDirector, Technical Product Management

Internet Market Insights


KMI Insights is now available. Insights brings the dynamics of transit and peering relationships that are of most interest to you into focus.

Early this year we launched Kentik Market Intelligence (KMI). If you missed it, KMI enumerates transit and peering relationships as well as produces rankings based on the volume of IP space transited by ASes in different geographies. Using tables and charts, KMI offers a global view of the internet out-of-the-box without any configuration or setup.

KMI uses public BGP routing data to rank ASes based on their advertised IP space. Rankings are updated multiple times daily and come in various forms: total customer base, customer base type (retail, wholesale, backbone), and peering.

Market rankings with new Insights panel
An example of a KMI table with the new KMI insights window

We think KMI is an invaluable tool for the marketing, sales and product management staff of any service provider who sells transit. We believe that it’s the only tool that exists to support critical activities such as:

  • Selecting the best upstream provider in any locale based on objective criteria
  • Benchmarking ASes against each other based on interconnection to eyeballs or content providers
  • Supporting IP transit sales prospecting and interconnection KPIs
  • Identifying your competitors’ single-homed customers.

We have now enhanced KMI with a significant new feature set - KMI Insights are now available!

KMI Insights, tell me more…

Insights bring the market dynamics that are of most interest to you into focus. When crunching the billions of BGP dump entries multiple times a day, KMI now identifies insights and contextualizes them in the KMI UI, coloring them with the networks involved and the market they are observed in.

Sample insights can be: <this provider> added <this transit customer> within <this geography> for instance, or any network adding new providers, as well as rank changes and changes in routing announcements between two networks. You can configure your personal insights using the selections below.

Configure market insights

Each insight comes with attributes:

  • A customer network - as identified in the Provider/Customer ASN relationship
  • A provider network - as identified in the Provider/Customer ASN relationship
  • A market - the insight applies to
  • Insights type - based on their nature (see list in the screenshot above)
  • Magnitude - an 1-5 value that helps order these insights from most important to least important (based on our ranking of significance)

Insights contextualized

Kentik Service Provider Analytics customers now get a Top Insights panel to bring their attention to market dynamics that they are most interested in:

Market dynamics for service providers

This side panel can be configured to include or exclude specific types of insights, or to extend the period covered by the insights.

Insights based on markets and networks

Track networks and markets that matter to you!

A while back, we introduced Observation Deck, which is a place for every user to compose their landing page with the areas of network visibility that specifically matter to them, based on widgets from specific workflows and areas of the product. With the introduction of Insights, KMI now has a widget that can be incorporated into your Kentik Observation Deck.

Configure market insights

You can now create as many KMI widgets as you’d like, so you can focus on the markets and/or networks that are important to you.

In the future, we will add more KMI-related widgets to the Observation Deck so that you can embed widgets showing rankings and visualizations from KMI.

If you have further questions about KMI and the new Insights feature, I’d be happy to answer them and give you a demo. This new feature considerably enhances a KMI which is near and dear to my heart.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update as much as we do. Please send us your feedback on it; we’d love to hear what you think!

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