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Kentik Network Monitoring System

Kentik Network Monitoring System

The scale and complexity of the current network landscape demands efficient and flexible network observability. But network monitoring has been historically fraught with costly overhead and outdated systems not optimized for today’s agile teams.

Kentik NMS is network monitoring for 2024. It’s modern, no-maintenance SaaS enabling network teams to unify metrics from all their gear with advanced traffic analytics, consolidating on Kentik as the network source of truth.

Built to handle the scale of the largest networks in the world, Kentik NMS combines traditional network monitoring system capabilities with modern network observability to provide a new and powerful solution simplifying the observability footprint for enterprises and service providers that rely on complex networks.

Kentik Network Monitoring System dashboard

“Kentik is helping us improve network operations efficiency and speed up MTTR. We are reducing the total cost of ownership of network monitoring by consolidating advanced traffic analysis and metrics monitoring into one SaaS platform.”

Brian Mengel, CTO

Modern, scalable SaaS NMS: Experience a true SaaS-native NMS. Unlock blazing fast web performance, eliminate monitoring overhead, and enjoy a lower total cost of ownership over on-prem solutions.

Centralized observability: Combine streaming telemetry with SNMP and custom metrics in one platform for rapid data correlation. Consolidate your observability stack with flow, NMS, synthetics, and cloud all together.

AI-assisted troubleshooting: Rapidly ask and answer any question of your network in natural language. Use AI-assisted troubleshooting workflows to shrink MTTR and achieve business outcomes.

AI for network troubleshooting

Use Kentik NMS to:

  • Simplify your network tooling by combining traditional network monitoring and modern metrics observability in one tool.
  • Avoid hardware costs and administrative burden by using our always-on, always-fast SaaS web UI.
  • Unlock the benefits of streaming telemetry on your new hardware investments with seamlessly integrated SNMP for hardware that doesn’t support streaming.
  • Get fresh, detailed data with default one-minute intervals, as fast as one-second intervals for special use cases, and as slow as 10 minutes for legacy hardware.
  • Reduce strain on network infrastructure with streaming telemetry’s subscription-based data collection.
  • Correlate network infrastructure KPIs with other data available in Kentik, such as traffic flow analytics and synthetics.
  • Rely on the scalability of Kentik, designed for large and complex networks.
Network Monitoring System - Juniper
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Kentik Network Monitoring System

Key features

  • Out-of-the-box support for traditional network monitoring features like device discovery, up/down monitoring, interface statistics, hardware components, and alerting
  • Turn-key advanced network monitoring features like BGP prefixes
  • Extensible support for collecting any metric via SNMP, streaming telemetry, and existing collectors using influx line protocols like Telegraf and gNMIc
  • Data normalization using an OpenConfig-inspired data model to report and alert on data regardless of collection method
  • Advanced query builder to ask any question with precision
  • Out-of-the-box support for common network devices including Juniper, Cisco, Arista, and many more
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