Kentik - Network Observability
Analyst Report

Kentik Cloud adds mapping, cost management and performance monitoring to multicloud use

From the report:

Single, hybrid and multicloud is important for enterprises, but IT often lacks the visibility needed to fully monitor, assess and troubleshoot networking within cloud services. Each cloud service has its own set of capabilities for provisioning and monitoring networking within and between instances as well as a variety of network services. Making sense of performance issues is complex without tooling to collect, analyze and visualize cloud networking. Because each cloud service is its own entity, the only way to truly get a handle on cloud network performance is with a service-neutral tool that provides a view across all cloud services.

Kentik Cloud is a good addition for Kentik’s current and prospective customers that are moving to a hybrid multicloud application model. Combining deep discovery and performance characteristics in the cloud services and aggregating the costs for network traffic gives IT useful tools for operating their hybrid cloud and managing costs. Kentik is not alone in approaching the complexity of IT operations and cloud cost management, but it is taking a network-centric approach that sheds light on an area of cloud use where it can be difficult to gain insights.

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