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Internet Measurement and Connectivity with Doug Madory

Hosted by Phil Gervasi, this LinkedIn Live session explores the importance of understanding global Internet connectivity, the tools and methodologies used for measurement, and the real-world implications of these insights. In this in-depth discussion with Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at Kentik, we explore the fascinating world of Internet measurement.

Doug shares his expertise on a variety of topics, including how Internet measurement helps us understand connectivity issues, the role of BGP, NetFlow, and network performance monitoring, and the significance of securing Internet routing with RPKI. We also get a glimpse into Doug’s unique career journey, his contributions to the field, and some intriguing stories from his experiences, including a humorous incident involving North Korea’s first social media site. Learn more about Doug’s work in Internet analysis in his posts in the Kentik blog.

Phil and Doug discuss a wide variety of topics including:

  • The Importance of Internet Measurement: Why understanding the state of global Internet connectivity is crucial for businesses, governments, and individuals.
  • Tools and Techniques of Internet Analysis: Insights into how BGP data, NetFlow data, and network performance monitoring are used for comprehensive Internet analysis.
  • Real-World Impact: Examples of how Internet measurement can reveal critical events such as submarine cable cuts, BGP routing leaks, and geopolitical events.
  • Career Insights: Doug’s journey into Internet measurement, his collaborations with industry experts, and his role at Kentik.
  • Humorous Anecdotes: An amusing story about the discovery of North Korea’s first social media site and the subsequent adventures of Western reporters on the platform.
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