Kentik - Network Observability

Integrating Kentik and Itential for Automated Closed-Loop Remediation of Infrastructure Events

Join Rich Martin, Director of Technical Marketing at Itential, and Leon Adato, Principal Technical Evangelist at Kentik, in this dynamic and interactive webinar. Discover the world of automated network remediation and observability as we explore the seamless integration of Kentik and Itential. Learn how these powerful tools work together to enhance infrastructure event responses and ensure network efficiency.

Key Highlights:

  • Insightful background and expertise from Leon Adato.
  • In-depth discussion on network observability and its evolution.
  • Real-world applications: From monitoring known unknowns to tackling unknown unknowns using machine learning.
  • Live demo showcasing the orchestration of network automation and observability, featuring a practical scenario with AWS.
  • Expert insights into building vs. buying in IT, and the importance of integrated solutions for network management.

Whether you’re a seasoned network professional or just starting, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical solutions for your network challenges. Get ready to transform your network management strategy with Kentik and Itential.

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